Theory Type

theory Type
imports Name
(*  Title:      HOL/Bali/Type.thy
    Author:     David von Oheimb

subsection ‹Java types›

theory Type imports Name begin

text ‹
\item only the most important primitive types
\item the null type is regarded as reference type

datatype prim_ty        ‹primitive type, cf. 4.2›
        = Void          ‹result type of void methods›
        | Boolean
        | Integer

datatype ref_ty         ‹reference type, cf. 4.3›
        = NullT         ‹null type, cf. 4.1›
        | IfaceT qtname ‹interface type›
        | ClassT qtname ‹class type›
        | ArrayT ty     ‹array type›

and ty                  ‹any type, cf. 4.1›
        = PrimT prim_ty ‹primitive type›
        | RefT  ref_ty  ‹reference type›

abbreviation "NT == RefT NullT"
abbreviation "Iface I == RefT (IfaceT I)"
abbreviation "Class C == RefT (ClassT C)"
abbreviation Array :: "ty ⇒ ty"  ("_.[]" [90] 90)
  where "T.[] == RefT (ArrayT T)"

  the_Class :: "ty ⇒ qtname"
  where "the_Class T = (SOME C. T = Class C)" (** primrec not possible here **)
lemma the_Class_eq [simp]: "the_Class (Class C)= C"
by (auto simp add: the_Class_def)