Theory Deadlock

theory Deadlock
imports UNITY
(*  Title:      HOL/UNITY/Simple/Deadlock.thy
    Author:     Lawrence C Paulson, Cambridge University Computer Laboratory
    Copyright   1998  University of Cambridge

Deadlock examples from section 5.6 of 
    Misra, "A Logic for Concurrent Programming", 1994

theory Deadlock imports "../UNITY" begin

(*Trivial, two-process case*)
lemma "[| F ∈ (A ∩ B) co A;  F ∈ (B ∩ A) co B |] ==> F ∈ stable (A ∩ B)"
  unfolding constrains_def stable_def by blast

(*a simplification step*)
lemma Collect_le_Int_equals:
     "(⋂i ∈ atMost n. A(Suc i) ∩ A i) = (⋂i ∈ atMost (Suc n). A i)"
  by (induct n) (auto simp add: atMost_Suc)

(*Dual of the required property.  Converse inclusion fails.*)
lemma UN_Int_Compl_subset:
     "(⋃i ∈ lessThan n. A i) ∩ (- A n) ⊆   
      (⋃i ∈ lessThan n. (A i) ∩ (- A (Suc i)))"
  by (induct n) (auto simp: lessThan_Suc)

(*Converse inclusion fails.*)
lemma INT_Un_Compl_subset:
     "(⋂i ∈ lessThan n. -A i ∪ A (Suc i))  ⊆  
      (⋂i ∈ lessThan n. -A i) ∪ A n"
  by (induct n) (auto simp: lessThan_Suc)

(*Specialized rewriting*)
lemma INT_le_equals_Int_lemma:
     "A 0 ∩ (-(A n) ∩ (⋂i ∈ lessThan n. -A i ∪ A (Suc i))) = {}"
by (blast intro: gr0I dest: INT_Un_Compl_subset [THEN subsetD])

(*Reverse direction makes it harder to invoke the ind hyp*)
lemma INT_le_equals_Int:
     "(⋂i ∈ atMost n. A i) =  
      A 0 ∩ (⋂i ∈ lessThan n. -A i ∪ A(Suc i))"
  by (induct n)
    (simp_all add: Int_ac Int_Un_distrib Int_Un_distrib2
      INT_le_equals_Int_lemma lessThan_Suc atMost_Suc)

lemma INT_le_Suc_equals_Int:
     "(⋂i ∈ atMost (Suc n). A i) =  
      A 0 ∩ (⋂i ∈ atMost n. -A i ∪ A(Suc i))"
by (simp add: lessThan_Suc_atMost INT_le_equals_Int)

(*The final deadlock example*)
  assumes zeroprem: "F ∈ (A 0 ∩ A (Suc n)) co (A 0)"
      and allprem:
            "!!i. i ∈ atMost n ==> F ∈ (A(Suc i) ∩ A i) co (-A i ∪ A(Suc i))"
  shows "F ∈ stable (⋂i ∈ atMost (Suc n). A i)"
apply (unfold stable_def) 
apply (rule constrains_Int [THEN constrains_weaken])
   apply (rule zeroprem) 
  apply (rule constrains_INT) 
  apply (erule allprem)
 apply (simp add: Collect_le_Int_equals Int_assoc INT_absorb)
apply (simp add: INT_le_Suc_equals_Int)