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Joint Verificard / Secsafe Annual Meeting 2003

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  1. Contrary to our previous intentions, there will be no special issue of a journal for publications of this workshop, due to the close proximity with the previous meeting and the next meeting, scheduled for September.

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The meeting will take place at the Evangelische Akademie Tutzing, which is located close to Munich at the Starnberg lake. (The Evangelische Akademie is financed by the German protestant church, but is otherwise religiously neutral).

How to reach Tutzing

In general, Tutzing can easily be reached from Munich by regional transport - look here for time tables and prices.

... by train
Tutzing can be reached by regional trains or by suburb train line S6 ("S-Bahn") from Munich central station (national and international connections by German Rail). The ride takes approx. 30 min with regional trains and approx. 50 min with S-Bahn. The regional trains depart from the main hall of Munich central station, the S-Bahn from the underground station (follow the green "S" sign).
... by plane
From the airport, take suburb train ("S-Bahn") line S1 (Do not take line S8, since it might not follow its usual route due to construction works). Change at station "Laim" to S6. The ride takes about 1h 30 min.

How to reach the Akademie

The Akademie is within 5-10 min walking distance of the train station. When heading out of the train station, turn left, then follow the blue signs indicating the way - see here for a map.


is usually cold in January, with temperatures around or below zero during daytime that may drop to -15 C in the night. Copious snowfalls are not uncommon. Take a look at the weatherforecast for Germany.


If weather permits, we plan to make a small excursion to the Ilkahöhe, an elevation above Tutzing with a nice view on the Starnberg Lake. If you want to join, please bring along firm shoes and warm clothes.

Submission of Papers

In case you want to give a talk, please send in LaTeX (or plain text) format, to the organisers.

Please make sure that your contribution arrives until 16.1.2003.

Depending on the number of full papers we receive, we will join them with the abstracts in a handout or publish them as technical report of the TU München. During the conference we will decide on editing a special issue of a journal, open to all participants.

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