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 must find a model for the axioms. If it finds no model, we have an indication
 that the axioms might be unsatisfiable.
+Nitpick requires the Kodkodi package for Isabelle as well as a Java 1.5 virtual
+machine called \texttt{java}. The examples presented in this manual can be found
+in Isabelle's \texttt{src/HOL/Nitpick\_Examples/Manual\_Nits.thy} theory.
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 \item[$\bullet$] Local definitions are not supported and result in an error.
 \item[$\bullet$] All constants and types whose names start with
-\textit{Nitpick}{.} or \textit{NitpickDefs}{.} are reserved for internal use.
+\textit{Nitpick}{.} are reserved for internal use.