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+This file describes how to change and regenerate the Isabelle web pages.
+= Overview =
+The pages are separated into two sets:
+ * main, for the main home page in Munich and Cambridge, and 
+ * dist, for the current Isabelle distribution more widely mirrored.
+Both are generated by a script (genpage) that takes *.content files and
+puts them into a common template.
+This is supposed to achieve the following:
+ * separation of layout and content
+ * automtic consistency between contents of distribution and web page,
+   including name of the distribution, file sizes of download packages, 
+   and documentation generated from isabelle/Doc
+For this the web page generation script needs access to the following
+support files:
+Admin/page/DISTNAME   (name of the distribution, e.g. Isabelle2004)
+Admin/page/Contents   (same as Distribution/doc/Contents at the time 
+                       of the Isabelle release)
+Both files are set to the right values automatically by makedist when
+the Isabelle distribution is generated and maintained manually in
+between releases by the release manager in Admin/page in CVS. (In
+between releases Admin/page/Contents can be different from
+= Changes to main =
+To make changes to the content of the main pages:
+ * Edit or add the appropriate Admin/page/main-content/*.content files
+ * Run "make clean main"
+ * Check generated html in Admin/page/main/
+ * Check into cvs
+ * Run "make pub-main" to publish to the Munich web site
+ * Run "mirror-main" in Cambridge to synchronize
+= Changes to dist =
+These should be rare and is a bit more involved at the moment. The
+principle is the same as for the main pages, but the script needs
+access to the distribution files to calculate sizes etc:
+ * Edit or add the appropriate Admin/page/dist-content/*.content files
+ * Make sure the Isabelle package files are available in directory Admin/page.
+   On sunbroy2, the following does the trick:
+   ln -s /home/html/isabelle/html-data/dist/contrib
+   for f in /home/html/isabelle/html-data/dist/*.tar.gz; do ln -s $f; done
+ * Run "make clean dist"
+ * Check generated html in Admin/page/dist/
+ * Check into cvs
+ * Run "make pub-dist" to publish to the Munich web site 
+   (will only copy *.html files, will not update other distribution files)
+ * Run "mirror-dist" in Cambridge and notify other mirrors to synchronize