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+Isabelle DejaVu fonts
 The Isabelle fonts are subject to the same BSD-3-clause license as Isabelle.
-The fonts have been assembled with FontForge
-(, by composing glyphs from existing (free)
-fonts: Bluesky TeX fonts (scaled 222%) and Bitstream Vera Mono, with some
-additions from DejaVu Sans Mono and DejaVu Sans.
+TTF files are produced automatically from the Deja Vu font family, with
+special symbols from the IsabelleText font in $ISABELLE_HOME/lib/fonts:
+  isabelle build_fonts -d dejavu-fonts-ttf-2.37/ttf
-Some additional symbols are from Symbola. See
-"In lieu of a licence; fonts and documents in this site are free for any use;
-George Douros".
+The IsabelleText template has been assembled manually, by composing glyphs
+from Bluesky TeX fonts (scaled 222%) with some additions from DejaVu Sans Mono
+and DejaVu Sans. Some additional symbols are from Symbola, see
+ "In lieu of a licence; fonts and documents in this
+site are free for any use; George Douros".
+    Makarius
+    23-Nov-2018