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 separated from option "-s".
+*** Document preparation ***
+* Document markers are formal comments of the form \<^marker>\<open>marker_body\<close> that
+are stripped from document output: the effect is to modify the semantic
+presentation context or to emit markup to the PIDE document. Some
+predefined markers are taken from the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative,
+e.g. \<^marker>\<open>contributor arg\<close> or \<^marker>\<open>license arg\<close> and produce PIDE markup that
+can retrieved from the document database.
+* Old-style command tags %name are re-interpreted as markers \<^marker>\<open>tag name\<close>
+and produce LaTeX environments as before. Potential INCOMPATIBILITY:
+multiple markers are composed in canonical order, resulting in a
+reversed list of tags in the presentation context.
 *** Isar ***
 * More robust treatment of structural errors: begin/end blocks take