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--- a/src/Pure/ROOT.ML	Thu Jun 04 17:31:39 2009 +0200
+++ b/src/Pure/ROOT.ML	Thu Jun 04 18:00:47 2009 +0200
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-(* Pure Isabelle *)
+(** Pure Isabelle **)
 structure Distribution =     (*filled-in by makedist*)
@@ -12,14 +12,60 @@
 print_depth 10;
-(*basic tools*)
+(* library of general tools *)
 use "General/basics.ML";
 use "library.ML";
+use "General/print_mode.ML";
+use "General/alist.ML";
+use "General/table.ML";
+use "General/output.ML";
+use "General/properties.ML";
+use "General/markup.ML";
+use "General/scan.ML";
+use "General/source.ML";
+use "General/symbol.ML";
+use "General/seq.ML";
+use "General/position.ML";
+use "General/symbol_pos.ML";
+use "General/antiquote.ML";
+use "ML/ml_lex.ML";
+use "ML/ml_parse.ML";
+use "General/secure.ML";
+(*----- basic ML bootstrap finished -----*)
+use "General/integer.ML";
+use "General/stack.ML";
+use "General/queue.ML";
+use "General/heap.ML";
+use "General/ord_list.ML";
+use "General/balanced_tree.ML";
+use "General/graph.ML";
+use "General/long_name.ML";
+use "General/binding.ML";
+use "General/name_space.ML";
+use "General/lazy.ML";
+use "General/path.ML";
+use "General/url.ML";
+use "General/buffer.ML";
+use "General/file.ML";
+use "General/xml.ML";
+use "General/yxml.ML";
-cd "General"; use "ROOT.ML"; cd "..";
-cd "Concurrent"; use "ROOT.ML"; cd "..";
+(* concurrency within the ML runtime *)
-(*fundamental structures*)
+use "Concurrent/simple_thread.ML";
+use "Concurrent/synchronized.ML";
+use "Concurrent/mailbox.ML";
+use "Concurrent/task_queue.ML";
+use "Concurrent/future.ML";
+use "Concurrent/par_list.ML";
+if Multithreading.available then () else use "Concurrent/par_list_dummy.ML";
+(* fundamental structures *)
 use "name.ML";
 use "term.ML";
 use "term_ord.ML";
@@ -35,7 +81,9 @@
 use "type.ML";
 use "config.ML";
-(*inner syntax module*)
+(* inner syntax *)
 use "Syntax/ast.ML";
 use "Syntax/syn_ext.ML";
 use "Syntax/parser.ML";
@@ -47,7 +95,9 @@
 use "type_infer.ML";
-(*core of tactical proof system*)
+(* core of tactical proof system *)
 use "net.ML";
 use "item_net.ML";
 use "envir.ML";
@@ -78,24 +128,142 @@
 use "goal.ML";
 use "axclass.ML";
-(*main Isar stuff*)
-cd "Isar"; use "ROOT.ML"; cd "..";
+(* Isar -- Intelligible Semi-Automated Reasoning *)
+(*proof context*)
+use "Isar/object_logic.ML";
+use "Isar/rule_cases.ML";
+use "Isar/auto_bind.ML";
+use "Isar/local_syntax.ML";
+use "Isar/proof_context.ML";
+use "Isar/local_defs.ML";
+(*proof term operations*)
+use "Proof/reconstruct.ML";
+use "Proof/proof_syntax.ML";
+use "Proof/proof_rewrite_rules.ML";
+use "Proof/proofchecker.ML";
+(*outer syntax*)
+use "Isar/outer_lex.ML";
+use "Isar/outer_keyword.ML";
+use "Isar/outer_parse.ML";
+use "Isar/value_parse.ML";
+use "Isar/args.ML";
+(*ML support*)
+use "ML/ml_syntax.ML";
+use "ML/ml_env.ML";
+if ml_system = "polyml-experimental"
+then use "ML/ml_compiler_polyml-5.3.ML"
+else use "ML/ml_compiler.ML";
+use "ML/ml_context.ML";
+(*theory sources*)
+use "Thy/thy_header.ML";
+use "Thy/thy_load.ML";
+use "Thy/html.ML";
+use "Thy/latex.ML";
+use "Thy/present.ML";
+(*basic proof engine*)
+use "Isar/proof_display.ML";
+use "Isar/attrib.ML";
+use "ML/ml_antiquote.ML";
+use "Isar/context_rules.ML";
+use "Isar/skip_proof.ML";
+use "Isar/method.ML";
+use "Isar/proof.ML";
+use "ML/ml_thms.ML";
+use "Isar/element.ML";
+(*derived theory and proof elements*)
+use "Isar/calculation.ML";
+use "Isar/obtain.ML";
+(*local theories and targets*)
+use "Isar/local_theory.ML";
+use "Isar/overloading.ML";
+use "Isar/locale.ML";
+use "Isar/class_target.ML";
+use "Isar/theory_target.ML";
+use "Isar/expression.ML";
+use "Isar/class.ML";
+use "simplifier.ML";
+(*executable theory content*)
+use "Isar/code.ML";
+use "Isar/spec_parse.ML";
+use "Isar/specification.ML";
+use "Isar/constdefs.ML";
+(*toplevel transactions*)
+use "Isar/proof_node.ML";
+use "Isar/toplevel.ML";
+(*theory syntax*)
+use "Thy/term_style.ML";
+use "Thy/thy_output.ML";
+use "Thy/thy_syntax.ML";
+use "old_goals.ML";
+use "Isar/outer_syntax.ML";
+use "Thy/thy_info.ML";
+use "Isar/isar_document.ML";
+(*theory and proof operations*)
+use "Isar/rule_insts.ML";
+use "Thy/thm_deps.ML";
+use "Isar/isar_cmd.ML";
+use "Isar/isar_syn.ML";
 use "subgoal.ML";
 use "Proof/extraction.ML";
-(*Isabelle/Isar system*)
+(* Isabelle/Isar system *)
 use "System/session.ML";
 use "System/isar.ML";
 use "System/isabelle_process.ML";
-(*additional tools*)
-cd "Tools"; use "ROOT.ML"; cd "..";
+(* miscellaneous tools and packages for Pure Isabelle *)
+use "Tools/named_thms.ML";
+use "Tools/xml_syntax.ML";
+use "Tools/find_theorems.ML";
+use "Tools/find_consts.ML";
 use "codegen.ML";
-(*configuration for Proof General*)
-cd "ProofGeneral"; use "ROOT.ML"; cd "..";
+(* configuration for Proof General *)
+use "ProofGeneral/pgip_types.ML";
+use "ProofGeneral/pgml.ML";
+use "ProofGeneral/pgip_markup.ML";
+use "ProofGeneral/pgip_input.ML";
+use "ProofGeneral/pgip_output.ML";
+use "ProofGeneral/pgip.ML";
+use "ProofGeneral/pgip_isabelle.ML";
+use "ProofGeneral/preferences.ML";
+use "ProofGeneral/pgip_parser.ML";
+use "ProofGeneral/pgip_tests.ML";
+use "ProofGeneral/proof_general_pgip.ML";
+use "ProofGeneral/proof_general_emacs.ML";
 use "pure_setup.ML";