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 <P>[Ballarin1999] Clemens Ballarin, Computer Algebra and Theorem Proving,
   Author's <A HREF="">PhD thesis</A>, 1999.
+<H2>GroupTheory -- Group Theory using Locales, including Sylow's Theorem</H2>
+<P>This directory presents proofs about group theory, by
+Florian Kammüller.  (Later, Larry Paulson simplified some of the proofs.)
+These theories use locales and were indeed the original motivation for
+locales.  However, this treatment of groups must still be regarded as
+experimental.  We can expect to see refinements in the future.
+Here is an outline of the directory's contents:
+<UL> <LI>Theory <A HREF="Group.html"><CODE>Group</CODE></A> defines
+semigroups, groups, homomorphisms and the subgroup relation.  It also defines
+the product of two groups.  It defines the factorization of a group and shows
+that the factorization a normal subgroup is a group.
+<LI>Theory <A HREF="Bij.html"><CODE>Bij</CODE></A>
+defines bijections over sets and operations on them and shows that they
+are a group.  It shows that automorphisms form a group.
+<LI>Theory <A HREF="Ring.html"><CODE>Ring</CODE></A> defines rings and proves
+a few basic theorems.  Ring automorphisms are shown to form a group.
+<LI>Theory <A HREF="Sylow.html"><CODE>Sylow</CODE></A>
+contains a proof of the first Sylow theorem.
+<LI>Theory <A HREF="Summation.html"><CODE>Summation</CODE></A> Extends
+abelian groups by a summation operator for finite sets (provided by
+Clemens Ballarin).
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