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 *** HOL ***
+* HOL/Codatatype: New (co)datatype package with support for mixed,
+nested recursion and interesting non-free datatypes.
+* HOL/Ordinals_and_Cardinals: Theories of ordinals and cardinals
+(supersedes the AFP entry of the same name).
 * Library/Debug.thy and Library/Parallel.thy: debugging and parallel
 execution for code generated towards Isabelle/ML.
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   - added an optimisation for equality premises.
     It is switched on by default, and can be switched off by setting
-    the configuration quickcheck_optimise_equality to false.    
+    the configuration quickcheck_optimise_equality to false.
 * The SMT solver Z3 has now by default a restricted set of directly
 supported features. For the full set of features (div/mod, nonlinear
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 type and generates all solutions by prolog-style backwards proof using
 the declared rules.
-This setup also deals with rules like 
+This setup also deals with rules like
   "is_measure f ==> is_measure (list_size f)"
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 rewrites now. That is, trace_simp_depth_limit is set to 1 by
 default. Thus there is less danger of being flooded by the trace. The
 trace indicates where parts have been suppressed.
 * Provers/classical: removed obsolete classical version of elim_format
 attribute; classical elim/dest rules are now treated uniformly when
 manipulating the claset.
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 Examples are in the directory MetisExamples.  WARNING: the
 Isabelle/HOL-Metis integration does not yet work properly with
 * Command 'sledgehammer' invokes external automatic theorem provers as
 background processes.  It generates calls to the "metis" method if
 successful. These can be pasted into the proof.  Users do not have to
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 users are encouraged to use the new package.
 * Method "lexicographic_order" automatically synthesizes termination
-relations as lexicographic combinations of size measures. 
+relations as lexicographic combinations of size measures.
 * Case-expressions allow arbitrary constructor-patterns (including
 "_") and take their order into account, like in functional
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 (K x) r The K-combinator that is internally used is called K_record.
 INCOMPATIBILITY: Usage of the plain update functions has to be
 * Class "semiring_0" now contains annihilation axioms x * 0 = 0 and 0
 * x = 0, which are required for a semiring.  Richer structures do not
 inherit from semiring_0 anymore, because this property is a theorem
@@ -6714,19 +6720,19 @@
   mult_neg_le        now named mult_nonpos_nonpos
 * The following lemmas in Ring_and_Field have been added to the simplifier:
-     not_square_less_zero 
+     not_square_less_zero
   The following lemmas have been deleted from Real/RealPow:
-     realpow_two_abs     
+     realpow_two_abs
 * Theory Parity: added rules for simplifying exponents.