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 will disappear in the next release.  Use isatool fixheaders to convert
 existing theory files.  Note that there is no change in ancient
-non-Isar theories.
+non-Isar theories now, but these are likely to disappear soon.
 * Theory loader: parent theories can now also be referred to via
 relative and absolute paths.
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 * theory Finite_Set: changed the syntax for 'setsum', summation over
 finite sets: "setsum (%x. e) A", which used to be "\<Sum>x:A. e", is
-now either "SUM x:A. e" or "\<Sum>x \<in> A. e".
+now either "SUM x:A. e" or "\<Sum>x \<in> A. e". The bound variable can 
+be a tuple pattern.
 Some new syntax forms are available: