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 \kern1pt'a~\textit{list}\textrm{''}\}\ \,{*}\}$
+Inductive datatypes can be registered as coinductive datatypes, given
+appropriate coinductive constructors. However, doing so precludes
+the use of the inductive constructors---Nitpick will generate an error if they
+are needed.
 \section{Known Bugs and Limitations}
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 \textit{Nitpick.register\_} functions can cause havoc if used improperly.
 \item[$\bullet$] Although this has never been observed, arbitrary theorem
-morphisms could possibly confuse Nitpick and lead it to generate spurious
+morphisms could possibly confuse Nitpick, resulting in spurious counterexamples.
 \item[$\bullet$] Local definitions are not supported and result in an error.