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     1 (*  Title:      HOL/Algebra/Galois_Connection.thy
     2     Author:     Alasdair Armstrong and Simon Foster
     3     Copyright:  Alasdair Armstrong and Simon Foster
     4 *)
     6 theory Galois_Connection
     7   imports Complete_Lattice
     8 begin
    10 section \<open>Galois connections\<close>
    12 subsection \<open>Definition and basic properties\<close>
    14 record ('a, 'b, 'c, 'd) galcon =
    15   orderA :: "('a, 'c) gorder_scheme" ("\<X>\<index>")
    16   orderB :: "('b, 'd) gorder_scheme" ("\<Y>\<index>")
    17   lower  :: "'a \<Rightarrow> 'b" ("\<pi>\<^sup>*\<index>")
    18   upper  :: "'b \<Rightarrow> 'a" ("\<pi>\<^sub>*\<index>")
    20 type_synonym ('a, 'b) galois = "('a, 'b, unit, unit) galcon"
    22 abbreviation "inv_galcon G \<equiv> \<lparr> orderA = inv_gorder \<Y>\<^bsub>G\<^esub>, orderB = inv_gorder \<X>\<^bsub>G\<^esub>, lower = upper G, upper = lower G \<rparr>"
    24 definition comp_galcon :: "('b, 'c) galois \<Rightarrow> ('a, 'b) galois \<Rightarrow> ('a, 'c) galois" (infixr "\<circ>\<^sub>g" 85)
    25   where "G \<circ>\<^sub>g F = \<lparr> orderA = orderA F, orderB = orderB G, lower = lower G \<circ> lower F, upper = upper F \<circ> upper G \<rparr>"
    27 definition id_galcon :: "'a gorder \<Rightarrow> ('a, 'a) galois" ("I\<^sub>g") where
    28 "I\<^sub>g(A) = \<lparr> orderA = A, orderB = A, lower = id, upper = id \<rparr>"
    31 subsection \<open>Well-typed connections\<close>
    33 locale connection =
    34   fixes G (structure)
    35   assumes is_order_A: "partial_order \<X>"
    36   and is_order_B: "partial_order \<Y>"
    37   and lower_closure: "\<pi>\<^sup>* \<in> carrier \<X> \<rightarrow> carrier \<Y>"
    38   and upper_closure: "\<pi>\<^sub>* \<in> carrier \<Y> \<rightarrow> carrier \<X>"
    39 begin
    41   lemma lower_closed: "x \<in> carrier \<X> \<Longrightarrow> \<pi>\<^sup>* x \<in> carrier \<Y>"
    42     using lower_closure by auto
    44   lemma upper_closed: "y \<in> carrier \<Y> \<Longrightarrow> \<pi>\<^sub>* y \<in> carrier \<X>"
    45     using upper_closure by auto
    47 end
    50 subsection \<open>Galois connections\<close>
    52 locale galois_connection = connection +
    53   assumes galois_property: "\<lbrakk>x \<in> carrier \<X>; y \<in> carrier \<Y>\<rbrakk> \<Longrightarrow> \<pi>\<^sup>* x \<sqsubseteq>\<^bsub>\<Y>\<^esub> y \<longleftrightarrow> x \<sqsubseteq>\<^bsub>\<X>\<^esub> \<pi>\<^sub>* y"
    54 begin
    56   lemma is_weak_order_A: "weak_partial_order \<X>"
    57   proof -
    58     interpret po: partial_order \<X>
    59       by (metis is_order_A)
    60     show ?thesis ..
    61   qed
    63   lemma is_weak_order_B: "weak_partial_order \<Y>"
    64   proof -
    65     interpret po: partial_order \<Y>
    66       by (metis is_order_B)
    67     show ?thesis ..
    68   qed
    70   lemma right: "\<lbrakk>x \<in> carrier \<X>; y \<in> carrier \<Y>; \<pi>\<^sup>* x \<sqsubseteq>\<^bsub>\<Y>\<^esub> y\<rbrakk> \<Longrightarrow> x \<sqsubseteq>\<^bsub>\<X>\<^esub> \<pi>\<^sub>* y"
    71     by (metis galois_property)
    73   lemma left: "\<lbrakk>x \<in> carrier \<X>; y \<in> carrier \<Y>; x \<sqsubseteq>\<^bsub>\<X>\<^esub> \<pi>\<^sub>* y\<rbrakk> \<Longrightarrow> \<pi>\<^sup>* x \<sqsubseteq>\<^bsub>\<Y>\<^esub> y"
    74     by (metis galois_property)
    76   lemma deflation: "y \<in> carrier \<Y> \<Longrightarrow> \<pi>\<^sup>* (\<pi>\<^sub>* y) \<sqsubseteq>\<^bsub>\<Y>\<^esub> y"
    77     by (metis Pi_iff is_weak_order_A left upper_closure weak_partial_order.le_refl)
    79   lemma inflation: "x \<in> carrier \<X> \<Longrightarrow> x \<sqsubseteq>\<^bsub>\<X>\<^esub> \<pi>\<^sub>* (\<pi>\<^sup>* x)"
    80     by (metis (no_types, lifting) PiE galois_connection.right galois_connection_axioms is_weak_order_B lower_closure weak_partial_order.le_refl)
    82   lemma lower_iso: "isotone \<X> \<Y> \<pi>\<^sup>*"
    83   proof (auto simp add:isotone_def)
    84     show "weak_partial_order \<X>"
    85       by (metis is_weak_order_A)
    86     show "weak_partial_order \<Y>"
    87       by (metis is_weak_order_B)
    88     fix x y
    89     assume a: "x \<in> carrier \<X>" "y \<in> carrier \<X>" "x \<sqsubseteq>\<^bsub>\<X>\<^esub> y"
    90     have b: "\<pi>\<^sup>* y \<in> carrier \<Y>"
    91       using a(2) lower_closure by blast
    92     then have "\<pi>\<^sub>* (\<pi>\<^sup>* y) \<in> carrier \<X>"
    93       using upper_closure by blast
    94     then have "x \<sqsubseteq>\<^bsub>\<X>\<^esub> \<pi>\<^sub>* (\<pi>\<^sup>* y)"
    95       by (meson a inflation is_weak_order_A weak_partial_order.le_trans)
    96     thus "\<pi>\<^sup>* x \<sqsubseteq>\<^bsub>\<Y>\<^esub> \<pi>\<^sup>* y"
    97       by (meson b a(1) Pi_iff galois_property lower_closure upper_closure)
    98   qed
   100   lemma upper_iso: "isotone \<Y> \<X> \<pi>\<^sub>*"
   101     apply (auto simp add:isotone_def)
   102     apply (metis is_weak_order_B)
   103     apply (metis is_weak_order_A)
   104     apply (metis (no_types, lifting) Pi_mem deflation is_weak_order_B lower_closure right upper_closure weak_partial_order.le_trans)
   105   done
   107   lemma lower_comp: "x \<in> carrier \<X> \<Longrightarrow> \<pi>\<^sup>* (\<pi>\<^sub>* (\<pi>\<^sup>* x)) = \<pi>\<^sup>* x"
   108     by (meson deflation funcset_mem inflation is_order_B lower_closure lower_iso partial_order.le_antisym upper_closure use_iso2)
   110   lemma lower_comp': "x \<in> carrier \<X> \<Longrightarrow> (\<pi>\<^sup>* \<circ> \<pi>\<^sub>* \<circ> \<pi>\<^sup>*) x = \<pi>\<^sup>* x"
   111     by (simp add: lower_comp)
   113   lemma upper_comp: "y \<in> carrier \<Y> \<Longrightarrow> \<pi>\<^sub>* (\<pi>\<^sup>* (\<pi>\<^sub>* y)) = \<pi>\<^sub>* y"
   114   proof -
   115     assume a1: "y \<in> carrier \<Y>"
   116     hence f1: "\<pi>\<^sub>* y \<in> carrier \<X>" using upper_closure by blast 
   117     have f2: "\<pi>\<^sup>* (\<pi>\<^sub>* y) \<sqsubseteq>\<^bsub>\<Y>\<^esub> y" using a1 deflation by blast
   118     have f3: "\<pi>\<^sub>* (\<pi>\<^sup>* (\<pi>\<^sub>* y)) \<in> carrier \<X>"
   119       using f1 lower_closure upper_closure by auto 
   120     have "\<pi>\<^sup>* (\<pi>\<^sub>* y) \<in> carrier \<Y>" using f1 lower_closure by blast   
   121     thus "\<pi>\<^sub>* (\<pi>\<^sup>* (\<pi>\<^sub>* y)) = \<pi>\<^sub>* y"
   122       by (meson a1 f1 f2 f3 inflation is_order_A partial_order.le_antisym upper_iso use_iso2) 
   123   qed
   125   lemma upper_comp': "y \<in> carrier \<Y> \<Longrightarrow> (\<pi>\<^sub>* \<circ> \<pi>\<^sup>* \<circ> \<pi>\<^sub>*) y = \<pi>\<^sub>* y"
   126     by (simp add: upper_comp)
   128   lemma adjoint_idem1: "idempotent \<Y> (\<pi>\<^sup>* \<circ> \<pi>\<^sub>*)"
   129     by (simp add: idempotent_def is_order_B partial_order.eq_is_equal upper_comp)
   131   lemma adjoint_idem2: "idempotent \<X> (\<pi>\<^sub>* \<circ> \<pi>\<^sup>*)"
   132     by (simp add: idempotent_def is_order_A partial_order.eq_is_equal lower_comp)
   134   lemma fg_iso: "isotone \<Y> \<Y> (\<pi>\<^sup>* \<circ> \<pi>\<^sub>*)"
   135     by (metis iso_compose lower_closure lower_iso upper_closure upper_iso)
   137   lemma gf_iso: "isotone \<X> \<X> (\<pi>\<^sub>* \<circ> \<pi>\<^sup>*)"
   138     by (metis iso_compose lower_closure lower_iso upper_closure upper_iso)
   140   lemma semi_inverse1: "x \<in> carrier \<X> \<Longrightarrow> \<pi>\<^sup>* x = \<pi>\<^sup>* (\<pi>\<^sub>* (\<pi>\<^sup>* x))"
   141     by (metis lower_comp)
   143   lemma semi_inverse2: "x \<in> carrier \<Y> \<Longrightarrow> \<pi>\<^sub>* x = \<pi>\<^sub>* (\<pi>\<^sup>* (\<pi>\<^sub>* x))"
   144     by (metis upper_comp)
   146   theorem lower_by_complete_lattice:
   147     assumes "complete_lattice \<Y>" "x \<in> carrier \<X>"
   148     shows "\<pi>\<^sup>*(x) = \<Sqinter>\<^bsub>\<Y>\<^esub> { y \<in> carrier \<Y>. x \<sqsubseteq>\<^bsub>\<X>\<^esub> \<pi>\<^sub>*(y) }"
   149   proof -
   150     interpret Y: complete_lattice \<Y>
   151       by (simp add: assms)
   153     show ?thesis
   154     proof (rule Y.le_antisym)
   155       show x: "\<pi>\<^sup>* x \<in> carrier \<Y>"
   156         using assms(2) lower_closure by blast
   157       show "\<pi>\<^sup>* x \<sqsubseteq>\<^bsub>\<Y>\<^esub> \<Sqinter>\<^bsub>\<Y>\<^esub>{y \<in> carrier \<Y>. x \<sqsubseteq>\<^bsub>\<X>\<^esub> \<pi>\<^sub>* y}"
   158       proof (rule Y.weak.inf_greatest)
   159         show "{y \<in> carrier \<Y>. x \<sqsubseteq>\<^bsub>\<X>\<^esub> \<pi>\<^sub>* y} \<subseteq> carrier \<Y>"
   160           by auto
   161         show "\<pi>\<^sup>* x \<in> carrier \<Y>" by (fact x)
   162         fix z
   163         assume "z \<in> {y \<in> carrier \<Y>. x \<sqsubseteq>\<^bsub>\<X>\<^esub> \<pi>\<^sub>* y}" 
   164         thus "\<pi>\<^sup>* x \<sqsubseteq>\<^bsub>\<Y>\<^esub> z"
   165           using assms(2) left by auto
   166       qed
   167       show "\<Sqinter>\<^bsub>\<Y>\<^esub>{y \<in> carrier \<Y>. x \<sqsubseteq>\<^bsub>\<X>\<^esub> \<pi>\<^sub>* y} \<sqsubseteq>\<^bsub>\<Y>\<^esub> \<pi>\<^sup>* x"
   168       proof (rule Y.weak.inf_lower)
   169         show "{y \<in> carrier \<Y>. x \<sqsubseteq>\<^bsub>\<X>\<^esub> \<pi>\<^sub>* y} \<subseteq> carrier \<Y>"
   170           by auto
   171         show "\<pi>\<^sup>* x \<in> {y \<in> carrier \<Y>. x \<sqsubseteq>\<^bsub>\<X>\<^esub> \<pi>\<^sub>* y}"
   172         proof (auto)
   173           show "\<pi>\<^sup>* x \<in> carrier \<Y>" by (fact x)
   174           show "x \<sqsubseteq>\<^bsub>\<X>\<^esub> \<pi>\<^sub>* (\<pi>\<^sup>* x)"
   175             using assms(2) inflation by blast
   176         qed
   177       qed
   178       show "\<Sqinter>\<^bsub>\<Y>\<^esub>{y \<in> carrier \<Y>. x \<sqsubseteq>\<^bsub>\<X>\<^esub> \<pi>\<^sub>* y} \<in> carrier \<Y>"
   179        by (auto intro: Y.weak.inf_closed)
   180     qed
   181   qed
   183   theorem upper_by_complete_lattice:
   184     assumes "complete_lattice \<X>" "y \<in> carrier \<Y>"
   185     shows "\<pi>\<^sub>*(y) = \<Squnion>\<^bsub>\<X>\<^esub> { x \<in> carrier \<X>. \<pi>\<^sup>*(x) \<sqsubseteq>\<^bsub>\<Y>\<^esub> y }"
   186   proof -
   187     interpret X: complete_lattice \<X>
   188       by (simp add: assms)
   189     show ?thesis
   190     proof (rule X.le_antisym)
   191       show y: "\<pi>\<^sub>* y \<in> carrier \<X>"
   192         using assms(2) upper_closure by blast
   193       show "\<pi>\<^sub>* y \<sqsubseteq>\<^bsub>\<X>\<^esub> \<Squnion>\<^bsub>\<X>\<^esub>{x \<in> carrier \<X>. \<pi>\<^sup>* x \<sqsubseteq>\<^bsub>\<Y>\<^esub> y}"
   194       proof (rule X.weak.sup_upper)
   195         show "{x \<in> carrier \<X>. \<pi>\<^sup>* x \<sqsubseteq>\<^bsub>\<Y>\<^esub> y} \<subseteq> carrier \<X>"
   196           by auto
   197         show "\<pi>\<^sub>* y \<in> {x \<in> carrier \<X>. \<pi>\<^sup>* x \<sqsubseteq>\<^bsub>\<Y>\<^esub> y}"
   198         proof (auto)
   199           show "\<pi>\<^sub>* y \<in> carrier \<X>" by (fact y)
   200           show "\<pi>\<^sup>* (\<pi>\<^sub>* y) \<sqsubseteq>\<^bsub>\<Y>\<^esub> y"
   201             by (simp add: assms(2) deflation)
   202         qed
   203       qed
   204       show "\<Squnion>\<^bsub>\<X>\<^esub>{x \<in> carrier \<X>. \<pi>\<^sup>* x \<sqsubseteq>\<^bsub>\<Y>\<^esub> y} \<sqsubseteq>\<^bsub>\<X>\<^esub> \<pi>\<^sub>* y"
   205       proof (rule X.weak.sup_least)
   206         show "{x \<in> carrier \<X>. \<pi>\<^sup>* x \<sqsubseteq>\<^bsub>\<Y>\<^esub> y} \<subseteq> carrier \<X>"
   207           by auto
   208         show "\<pi>\<^sub>* y \<in> carrier \<X>" by (fact y)
   209         fix z
   210         assume "z \<in> {x \<in> carrier \<X>. \<pi>\<^sup>* x \<sqsubseteq>\<^bsub>\<Y>\<^esub> y}" 
   211         thus "z \<sqsubseteq>\<^bsub>\<X>\<^esub> \<pi>\<^sub>* y"
   212           by (simp add: assms(2) right)
   213       qed
   214       show "\<Squnion>\<^bsub>\<X>\<^esub>{x \<in> carrier \<X>. \<pi>\<^sup>* x \<sqsubseteq>\<^bsub>\<Y>\<^esub> y} \<in> carrier \<X>"
   215        by (auto intro: X.weak.sup_closed)
   216     qed
   217   qed
   219 end
   221 lemma dual_galois [simp]: " galois_connection \<lparr> orderA = inv_gorder B, orderB = inv_gorder A, lower = f, upper = g \<rparr> 
   222                           = galois_connection \<lparr> orderA = A, orderB = B, lower = g, upper = f \<rparr>"
   223   by (auto simp add: galois_connection_def galois_connection_axioms_def connection_def dual_order_iff)
   225 definition lower_adjoint :: "('a, 'c) gorder_scheme \<Rightarrow> ('b, 'd) gorder_scheme \<Rightarrow> ('a \<Rightarrow> 'b) \<Rightarrow> bool" where
   226   "lower_adjoint A B f \<equiv> \<exists>g. galois_connection \<lparr> orderA = A, orderB = B, lower = f, upper = g \<rparr>"
   228 definition upper_adjoint :: "('a, 'c) gorder_scheme \<Rightarrow> ('b, 'd) gorder_scheme \<Rightarrow> ('b \<Rightarrow> 'a) \<Rightarrow> bool" where
   229   "upper_adjoint A B g \<equiv> \<exists>f. galois_connection \<lparr> orderA = A, orderB = B, lower = f, upper = g \<rparr>"
   231 lemma lower_adjoint_dual [simp]: "lower_adjoint (inv_gorder A) (inv_gorder B) f = upper_adjoint B A f"
   232   by (simp add: lower_adjoint_def upper_adjoint_def)
   234 lemma upper_adjoint_dual [simp]: "upper_adjoint (inv_gorder A) (inv_gorder B) f = lower_adjoint B A f"
   235   by (simp add: lower_adjoint_def upper_adjoint_def)
   237 lemma lower_type: "lower_adjoint A B f \<Longrightarrow> f \<in> carrier A \<rightarrow> carrier B"
   238   by (auto simp add:lower_adjoint_def galois_connection_def galois_connection_axioms_def connection_def)
   240 lemma upper_type: "upper_adjoint A B g \<Longrightarrow> g \<in> carrier B \<rightarrow> carrier A"
   241   by (auto simp add:upper_adjoint_def galois_connection_def galois_connection_axioms_def connection_def)
   244 subsection \<open>Composition of Galois connections\<close>
   246 lemma id_galois: "partial_order A \<Longrightarrow> galois_connection (I\<^sub>g(A))"
   247   by (simp add: id_galcon_def galois_connection_def galois_connection_axioms_def connection_def)
   249 lemma comp_galcon_closed:
   250   assumes "galois_connection G" "galois_connection F" "\<Y>\<^bsub>F\<^esub> = \<X>\<^bsub>G\<^esub>"
   251   shows "galois_connection (G \<circ>\<^sub>g F)"
   252 proof -
   253   interpret F: galois_connection F
   254     by (simp add: assms)
   255   interpret G: galois_connection G
   256     by (simp add: assms)
   258   have "partial_order \<X>\<^bsub>G \<circ>\<^sub>g F\<^esub>"
   259     by (simp add: F.is_order_A comp_galcon_def)
   260   moreover have "partial_order \<Y>\<^bsub>G \<circ>\<^sub>g F\<^esub>"
   261     by (simp add: G.is_order_B comp_galcon_def)
   262   moreover have "\<pi>\<^sup>*\<^bsub>G\<^esub> \<circ> \<pi>\<^sup>*\<^bsub>F\<^esub> \<in> carrier \<X>\<^bsub>F\<^esub> \<rightarrow> carrier \<Y>\<^bsub>G\<^esub>"
   263     using F.lower_closure G.lower_closure assms(3) by auto
   264   moreover have "\<pi>\<^sub>*\<^bsub>F\<^esub> \<circ> \<pi>\<^sub>*\<^bsub>G\<^esub> \<in> carrier \<Y>\<^bsub>G\<^esub> \<rightarrow> carrier \<X>\<^bsub>F\<^esub>"
   265     using F.upper_closure G.upper_closure assms(3) by auto
   266   moreover 
   267   have "\<And> x y. \<lbrakk>x \<in> carrier \<X>\<^bsub>F\<^esub>; y \<in> carrier \<Y>\<^bsub>G\<^esub> \<rbrakk> \<Longrightarrow> 
   268                (\<pi>\<^sup>*\<^bsub>G\<^esub> (\<pi>\<^sup>*\<^bsub>F\<^esub> x) \<sqsubseteq>\<^bsub>\<Y>\<^bsub>G\<^esub>\<^esub> y) = (x \<sqsubseteq>\<^bsub>\<X>\<^bsub>F\<^esub>\<^esub> \<pi>\<^sub>*\<^bsub>F\<^esub> (\<pi>\<^sub>*\<^bsub>G\<^esub> y))"
   269     by (metis F.galois_property F.lower_closure G.galois_property G.upper_closure assms(3) Pi_iff)
   270   ultimately show ?thesis
   271     by (simp add: comp_galcon_def galois_connection_def galois_connection_axioms_def connection_def)
   272 qed
   274 lemma comp_galcon_right_unit [simp]: "F \<circ>\<^sub>g I\<^sub>g(\<X>\<^bsub>F\<^esub>) = F"
   275   by (simp add: comp_galcon_def id_galcon_def)
   277 lemma comp_galcon_left_unit [simp]: "I\<^sub>g(\<Y>\<^bsub>F\<^esub>) \<circ>\<^sub>g F = F"
   278   by (simp add: comp_galcon_def id_galcon_def)
   280 lemma galois_connectionI:
   281   assumes
   282     "partial_order A" "partial_order B"
   283     "L \<in> carrier A \<rightarrow> carrier B" "R \<in> carrier B \<rightarrow> carrier A"
   284     "isotone A B L" "isotone B A R" 
   285     "\<And> x y. \<lbrakk> x \<in> carrier A; y \<in> carrier B \<rbrakk> \<Longrightarrow> L x \<sqsubseteq>\<^bsub>B\<^esub> y \<longleftrightarrow> x \<sqsubseteq>\<^bsub>A\<^esub> R y"
   286   shows "galois_connection \<lparr> orderA = A, orderB = B, lower = L, upper = R \<rparr>"
   287   using assms by (simp add: galois_connection_def connection_def galois_connection_axioms_def)
   289 lemma galois_connectionI':
   290   assumes
   291     "partial_order A" "partial_order B"
   292     "L \<in> carrier A \<rightarrow> carrier B" "R \<in> carrier B \<rightarrow> carrier A"
   293     "isotone A B L" "isotone B A R" 
   294     "\<And> X. X \<in> carrier(B) \<Longrightarrow> L(R(X)) \<sqsubseteq>\<^bsub>B\<^esub> X"
   295     "\<And> X. X \<in> carrier(A) \<Longrightarrow> X \<sqsubseteq>\<^bsub>A\<^esub> R(L(X))"
   296   shows "galois_connection \<lparr> orderA = A, orderB = B, lower = L, upper = R \<rparr>"
   297   using assms
   298   by (auto simp add: galois_connection_def connection_def galois_connection_axioms_def, (meson PiE isotone_def weak_partial_order.le_trans)+)
   301 subsection \<open>Retracts\<close>
   303 locale retract = galois_connection +
   304   assumes retract_property: "x \<in> carrier \<X> \<Longrightarrow> \<pi>\<^sub>* (\<pi>\<^sup>* x) \<sqsubseteq>\<^bsub>\<X>\<^esub> x"
   305 begin
   306   lemma retract_inverse: "x \<in> carrier \<X> \<Longrightarrow> \<pi>\<^sub>* (\<pi>\<^sup>* x) = x"
   307     by (meson funcset_mem inflation is_order_A lower_closure partial_order.le_antisym retract_axioms retract_axioms_def retract_def upper_closure)
   309   lemma retract_injective: "inj_on \<pi>\<^sup>* (carrier \<X>)"
   310     by (metis inj_onI retract_inverse)
   311 end  
   313 theorem comp_retract_closed:
   314   assumes "retract G" "retract F" "\<Y>\<^bsub>F\<^esub> = \<X>\<^bsub>G\<^esub>"
   315   shows "retract (G \<circ>\<^sub>g F)"
   316 proof -
   317   interpret f: retract F
   318     by (simp add: assms)
   319   interpret g: retract G
   320     by (simp add: assms)
   321   interpret gf: galois_connection "(G \<circ>\<^sub>g F)"
   322     by (simp add: assms(1) assms(2) assms(3) comp_galcon_closed retract.axioms(1))
   323   show ?thesis
   324   proof
   325     fix x
   326     assume "x \<in> carrier \<X>\<^bsub>G \<circ>\<^sub>g F\<^esub>"
   327     thus "le \<X>\<^bsub>G \<circ>\<^sub>g F\<^esub> (\<pi>\<^sub>*\<^bsub>G \<circ>\<^sub>g F\<^esub> (\<pi>\<^sup>*\<^bsub>G \<circ>\<^sub>g F\<^esub> x)) x"
   328       using assms(3) f.inflation f.lower_closed f.retract_inverse g.retract_inverse by (auto simp add: comp_galcon_def)
   329   qed
   330 qed
   333 subsection \<open>Coretracts\<close>
   335 locale coretract = galois_connection +
   336   assumes coretract_property: "y \<in> carrier \<Y> \<Longrightarrow> y \<sqsubseteq>\<^bsub>\<Y>\<^esub> \<pi>\<^sup>* (\<pi>\<^sub>* y)"
   337 begin
   338   lemma coretract_inverse: "y \<in> carrier \<Y> \<Longrightarrow> \<pi>\<^sup>* (\<pi>\<^sub>* y) = y"
   339     by (meson coretract_axioms coretract_axioms_def coretract_def deflation funcset_mem is_order_B lower_closure partial_order.le_antisym upper_closure)
   341   lemma retract_injective: "inj_on \<pi>\<^sub>* (carrier \<Y>)"
   342     by (metis coretract_inverse inj_onI)
   343 end  
   345 theorem comp_coretract_closed:
   346   assumes "coretract G" "coretract F" "\<Y>\<^bsub>F\<^esub> = \<X>\<^bsub>G\<^esub>"
   347   shows "coretract (G \<circ>\<^sub>g F)"
   348 proof -
   349   interpret f: coretract F
   350     by (simp add: assms)
   351   interpret g: coretract G
   352     by (simp add: assms)
   353   interpret gf: galois_connection "(G \<circ>\<^sub>g F)"
   354     by (simp add: assms(1) assms(2) assms(3) comp_galcon_closed coretract.axioms(1))
   355   show ?thesis
   356   proof
   357     fix y
   358     assume "y \<in> carrier \<Y>\<^bsub>G \<circ>\<^sub>g F\<^esub>"
   359     thus "le \<Y>\<^bsub>G \<circ>\<^sub>g F\<^esub> y (\<pi>\<^sup>*\<^bsub>G \<circ>\<^sub>g F\<^esub> (\<pi>\<^sub>*\<^bsub>G \<circ>\<^sub>g F\<^esub> y))"
   360       by (simp add: comp_galcon_def assms(3) f.coretract_inverse g.coretract_property g.upper_closed)
   361   qed
   362 qed
   365 subsection \<open>Galois Bijections\<close>
   367 locale galois_bijection = connection +
   368   assumes lower_iso: "isotone \<X> \<Y> \<pi>\<^sup>*" 
   369   and upper_iso: "isotone \<Y> \<X> \<pi>\<^sub>*"
   370   and lower_inv_eq: "x \<in> carrier \<X> \<Longrightarrow> \<pi>\<^sub>* (\<pi>\<^sup>* x) = x"
   371   and upper_inv_eq: "y \<in> carrier \<Y> \<Longrightarrow> \<pi>\<^sup>* (\<pi>\<^sub>* y) = y"
   372 begin
   374   lemma lower_bij: "bij_betw \<pi>\<^sup>* (carrier \<X>) (carrier \<Y>)"
   375     by (rule bij_betwI[where g="\<pi>\<^sub>*"], auto intro: upper_inv_eq lower_inv_eq upper_closed lower_closed)  
   377   lemma upper_bij: "bij_betw \<pi>\<^sub>* (carrier \<Y>) (carrier \<X>)"
   378     by (rule bij_betwI[where g="\<pi>\<^sup>*"], auto intro: upper_inv_eq lower_inv_eq upper_closed lower_closed)  
   380 sublocale gal_bij_conn: galois_connection
   381   apply (unfold_locales, auto)
   382   using lower_closed lower_inv_eq upper_iso use_iso2 apply fastforce
   383   using lower_iso upper_closed upper_inv_eq use_iso2 apply fastforce
   384 done
   386 sublocale gal_bij_ret: retract
   387   by (unfold_locales, simp add: gal_bij_conn.is_weak_order_A lower_inv_eq weak_partial_order.le_refl)
   389 sublocale gal_bij_coret: coretract
   390   by (unfold_locales, simp add: gal_bij_conn.is_weak_order_B upper_inv_eq weak_partial_order.le_refl)
   392 end
   394 theorem comp_galois_bijection_closed:
   395   assumes "galois_bijection G" "galois_bijection F" "\<Y>\<^bsub>F\<^esub> = \<X>\<^bsub>G\<^esub>"
   396   shows "galois_bijection (G \<circ>\<^sub>g F)"
   397 proof -
   398   interpret f: galois_bijection F
   399     by (simp add: assms)
   400   interpret g: galois_bijection G
   401     by (simp add: assms)
   402   interpret gf: galois_connection "(G \<circ>\<^sub>g F)"
   403     by (simp add: assms(3) comp_galcon_closed f.gal_bij_conn.galois_connection_axioms g.gal_bij_conn.galois_connection_axioms galois_connection.axioms(1))
   404   show ?thesis
   405   proof
   406     show "isotone \<X>\<^bsub>G \<circ>\<^sub>g F\<^esub> \<Y>\<^bsub>G \<circ>\<^sub>g F\<^esub> \<pi>\<^sup>*\<^bsub>G \<circ>\<^sub>g F\<^esub>"
   407       by (simp add: comp_galcon_def, metis comp_galcon_def galcon.select_convs(1) galcon.select_convs(2) galcon.select_convs(3) gf.lower_iso)
   408     show "isotone \<Y>\<^bsub>G \<circ>\<^sub>g F\<^esub> \<X>\<^bsub>G \<circ>\<^sub>g F\<^esub> \<pi>\<^sub>*\<^bsub>G \<circ>\<^sub>g F\<^esub>"
   409       by (simp add: gf.upper_iso)
   410     fix x
   411     assume "x \<in> carrier \<X>\<^bsub>G \<circ>\<^sub>g F\<^esub>"
   412     thus "\<pi>\<^sub>*\<^bsub>G \<circ>\<^sub>g F\<^esub> (\<pi>\<^sup>*\<^bsub>G \<circ>\<^sub>g F\<^esub> x) = x"
   413       using assms(3) f.lower_closed f.lower_inv_eq g.lower_inv_eq by (auto simp add: comp_galcon_def)
   414   next
   415     fix y
   416     assume "y \<in> carrier \<Y>\<^bsub>G \<circ>\<^sub>g F\<^esub>"
   417     thus "\<pi>\<^sup>*\<^bsub>G \<circ>\<^sub>g F\<^esub> (\<pi>\<^sub>*\<^bsub>G \<circ>\<^sub>g F\<^esub> y) = y"
   418       by (simp add: comp_galcon_def assms(3) f.upper_inv_eq g.upper_closed g.upper_inv_eq)
   419   qed
   420 qed
   422 end