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Removal of monotonicity reasoning involving "lost" and the theorem Agent_not_see_encrypted_key, which (a) is never used and (b) becomes harder to prove when Notes is available.


The Isabelle email distribution consists of about 8 installments, each
small enough to send by electronic mail.  The files are called Isabelle.aa,
Isabelle.ab, ....  They have been generated by tar, compress, uuencode, and
split, and are packed for email using shar.  To unpack the files, perform
the following steps:

STEP 1.  Create a new directory to hold Isabelle and move to that
directory (the name of the directory does not matter):

	mkdir Isabelle;  cd Isabelle

STEP 2.  Put each message into a separate file and pipe it through unshar.
(If you don't have unshar, remove the header lines generated by the mail
system and submit the file to sh.)

STEP 3.  Concatenate the files into one file using the command

	cat Isabelle.?? > 92.tar.Z.uu

STEP 4.  Undo the uuencode operation using the command

	uudecode 92.tar.Z.uu

STEP 5.  You should now have a file 92.tar.Z; uncompress and unpack it using...

   	uncompress -c 92.tar.Z | tar xf -

STEP 6.  You should now have a complete Isabelle directory, called 92.  You
may now tidy up by executing

	rm Isabelle.?? *.hdr 92.tar.Z.uu 92.tar.Z

Consult the file 92/README for information on compiling Isabelle.

						Good luck!