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systematic conversions between nat and nibble/char; more uniform approaches to execute operations on nibble/char

(*  Title:      HOL/Code_Evaluation.thy
    Author:     Florian Haftmann, TU Muenchen

header {* Term evaluation using the generic code generator *}

theory Code_Evaluation
imports Typerep Limited_Sequence

subsection {* Term representation *}

subsubsection {* Terms and class @{text term_of} *}

datatype "term" = dummy_term

definition Const :: "String.literal \<Rightarrow> typerep \<Rightarrow> term" where
  "Const _ _ = dummy_term"

definition App :: "term \<Rightarrow> term \<Rightarrow> term" where
  "App _ _ = dummy_term"

definition Abs :: "String.literal \<Rightarrow> typerep \<Rightarrow> term \<Rightarrow> term" where
  "Abs _ _ _ = dummy_term"

definition Free :: "String.literal \<Rightarrow> typerep \<Rightarrow> term" where
  "Free _ _ = dummy_term"

code_datatype Const App Abs Free

class term_of = typerep +
  fixes term_of :: "'a \<Rightarrow> term"

lemma term_of_anything: "term_of x \<equiv> t"
  by (rule eq_reflection) (cases "term_of x", cases t, simp)

definition valapp :: "('a \<Rightarrow> 'b) \<times> (unit \<Rightarrow> term)
  \<Rightarrow> 'a \<times> (unit \<Rightarrow> term) \<Rightarrow> 'b \<times> (unit \<Rightarrow> term)" where
  "valapp f x = (fst f (fst x), \<lambda>u. App (snd f ()) (snd x ()))"

lemma valapp_code [code, code_unfold]:
  "valapp (f, tf) (x, tx) = (f x, \<lambda>u. App (tf ()) (tx ()))"
  by (simp only: valapp_def fst_conv snd_conv)

subsubsection {* Syntax *}

definition termify :: "'a \<Rightarrow> term" where
  [code del]: "termify x = dummy_term"

abbreviation valtermify :: "'a \<Rightarrow> 'a \<times> (unit \<Rightarrow> term)" where
  "valtermify x \<equiv> (x, \<lambda>u. termify x)"

locale term_syntax

notation App (infixl "<\<cdot>>" 70)
  and valapp (infixl "{\<cdot>}" 70)


interpretation term_syntax .

no_notation App (infixl "<\<cdot>>" 70)
  and valapp (infixl "{\<cdot>}" 70)

subsection {* Tools setup and evaluation *}

lemma eq_eq_TrueD:
  assumes "(x \<equiv> y) \<equiv> Trueprop True"
  shows "x \<equiv> y"
  using assms by simp

ML_file "Tools/code_evaluation.ML"

code_reserved Eval Code_Evaluation

setup {* Code_Evaluation.setup *}

subsection {* @{text term_of} instances *}

instantiation "fun" :: (typerep, typerep) term_of

  "term_of (f \<Colon> 'a \<Rightarrow> 'b) = Const (STR ''dummy_pattern'') (Typerep.Typerep (STR ''fun'')
     [Typerep.typerep TYPE('a), Typerep.typerep TYPE('b)])"

instance ..


instantiation String.literal :: term_of

  "term_of s = App (Const (STR ''STR'')
    (Typerep.Typerep (STR ''fun'') [Typerep.Typerep (STR ''list'') [Typerep.Typerep (STR ''char'') []],
      Typerep.Typerep (STR ''String.literal'') []])) (term_of (String.explode s))"

instance ..


subsubsection {* Code generator setup *}

lemmas [code del] = term.recs term.cases term.size
lemma [code, code del]: "HOL.equal (t1\<Colon>term) t2 \<longleftrightarrow> HOL.equal t1 t2" ..

lemma [code, code del]: "(term_of \<Colon> typerep \<Rightarrow> term) = term_of" ..
lemma [code, code del]: "(term_of \<Colon> term \<Rightarrow> term) = term_of" ..
lemma [code, code del]: "(term_of \<Colon> String.literal \<Rightarrow> term) = term_of" ..
lemma [code, code del]: "(Code_Evaluation.term_of \<Colon> 'a::{type, term_of} Predicate.pred \<Rightarrow> Code_Evaluation.term)
  = Code_Evaluation.term_of" ..
lemma [code, code del]: "(Code_Evaluation.term_of \<Colon> 'a::{type, term_of} Predicate.seq \<Rightarrow> Code_Evaluation.term)
  = Code_Evaluation.term_of" ..

lemma term_of_char [unfolded typerep_fun_def typerep_char_def typerep_nibble_def, code]:
  "Code_Evaluation.term_of c = (case c of Char x y \<Rightarrow>
   Code_Evaluation.App (Code_Evaluation.App
    (Code_Evaluation.Const (STR ''String.char.Char'') (TYPEREP(nibble \<Rightarrow> nibble \<Rightarrow> char)))
      (Code_Evaluation.term_of x)) (Code_Evaluation.term_of y))"
  by (subst term_of_anything) rule 

code_type "term"
  (Eval "Term.term")

code_const Const and App and Abs and Free
  (Eval "Term.Const/ ((_), (_))" and "Term.$/ ((_), (_))" and "Term.Abs/ ((_), (_), (_))"
     and "Term.Free/ ((_), (_))")

code_const "term_of \<Colon> integer \<Rightarrow> term"
  (Eval "'_number/ HOLogic.code'_integerT")
code_const "term_of \<Colon> String.literal \<Rightarrow> term"
  (Eval "'_literal")

code_reserved Eval HOLogic

subsubsection {* Obfuscation *}

print_translation {*
  val term = Const ("<TERM>", dummyT);
  fun tr1' [_, _] = term;
  fun tr2' [] = term;
  [(@{const_syntax Const}, tr1'),
    (@{const_syntax App}, tr1'),
    (@{const_syntax dummy_term}, tr2')]

subsection {* Diagnostic *}

definition tracing :: "String.literal \<Rightarrow> 'a \<Rightarrow> 'a" where
  [code del]: "tracing s x = x"

code_const "tracing :: String.literal => 'a => 'a"
  (Eval "Code'_Evaluation.tracing")

hide_const dummy_term valapp
hide_const (open) Const App Abs Free termify valtermify term_of tracing