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     1 (* Author: Tobias Nipkow *)
     3 section \<open>2-3-4 Tree Implementation of Maps\<close>
     5 theory Tree234_Map
     6 imports
     7   Tree234_Set
     8   Map_Specs
     9 begin
    11 subsection \<open>Map operations on 2-3-4 trees\<close>
    13 fun lookup :: "('a::linorder * 'b) tree234 \<Rightarrow> 'a \<Rightarrow> 'b option" where
    14 "lookup Leaf x = None" |
    15 "lookup (Node2 l (a,b) r) x = (case cmp x a of
    16   LT \<Rightarrow> lookup l x |
    17   GT \<Rightarrow> lookup r x |
    18   EQ \<Rightarrow> Some b)" |
    19 "lookup (Node3 l (a1,b1) m (a2,b2) r) x = (case cmp x a1 of
    20   LT \<Rightarrow> lookup l x |
    21   EQ \<Rightarrow> Some b1 |
    22   GT \<Rightarrow> (case cmp x a2 of
    23           LT \<Rightarrow> lookup m x |
    24           EQ \<Rightarrow> Some b2 |
    25           GT \<Rightarrow> lookup r x))" |
    26 "lookup (Node4 t1 (a1,b1) t2 (a2,b2) t3 (a3,b3) t4) x = (case cmp x a2 of
    27   LT \<Rightarrow> (case cmp x a1 of
    28            LT \<Rightarrow> lookup t1 x | EQ \<Rightarrow> Some b1 | GT \<Rightarrow> lookup t2 x) |
    29   EQ \<Rightarrow> Some b2 |
    30   GT \<Rightarrow> (case cmp x a3 of
    31            LT \<Rightarrow> lookup t3 x | EQ \<Rightarrow> Some b3 | GT \<Rightarrow> lookup t4 x))"
    33 fun upd :: "'a::linorder \<Rightarrow> 'b \<Rightarrow> ('a*'b) tree234 \<Rightarrow> ('a*'b) up\<^sub>i" where
    34 "upd x y Leaf = Up\<^sub>i Leaf (x,y) Leaf" |
    35 "upd x y (Node2 l ab r) = (case cmp x (fst ab) of
    36    LT \<Rightarrow> (case upd x y l of
    37            T\<^sub>i l' => T\<^sub>i (Node2 l' ab r)
    38          | Up\<^sub>i l1 ab' l2 => T\<^sub>i (Node3 l1 ab' l2 ab r)) |
    39    EQ \<Rightarrow> T\<^sub>i (Node2 l (x,y) r) |
    40    GT \<Rightarrow> (case upd x y r of
    41            T\<^sub>i r' => T\<^sub>i (Node2 l ab r')
    42          | Up\<^sub>i r1 ab' r2 => T\<^sub>i (Node3 l ab r1 ab' r2)))" |
    43 "upd x y (Node3 l ab1 m ab2 r) = (case cmp x (fst ab1) of
    44    LT \<Rightarrow> (case upd x y l of
    45            T\<^sub>i l' => T\<^sub>i (Node3 l' ab1 m ab2 r)
    46          | Up\<^sub>i l1 ab' l2 => Up\<^sub>i (Node2 l1 ab' l2) ab1 (Node2 m ab2 r)) |
    47    EQ \<Rightarrow> T\<^sub>i (Node3 l (x,y) m ab2 r) |
    48    GT \<Rightarrow> (case cmp x (fst ab2) of
    49            LT \<Rightarrow> (case upd x y m of
    50                    T\<^sub>i m' => T\<^sub>i (Node3 l ab1 m' ab2 r)
    51                  | Up\<^sub>i m1 ab' m2 => Up\<^sub>i (Node2 l ab1 m1) ab' (Node2 m2 ab2 r)) |
    52            EQ \<Rightarrow> T\<^sub>i (Node3 l ab1 m (x,y) r) |
    53            GT \<Rightarrow> (case upd x y r of
    54                    T\<^sub>i r' => T\<^sub>i (Node3 l ab1 m ab2 r')
    55                  | Up\<^sub>i r1 ab' r2 => Up\<^sub>i (Node2 l ab1 m) ab2 (Node2 r1 ab' r2))))" |
    56 "upd x y (Node4 t1 ab1 t2 ab2 t3 ab3 t4) = (case cmp x (fst ab2) of
    57    LT \<Rightarrow> (case cmp x (fst ab1) of
    58             LT \<Rightarrow> (case upd x y t1 of
    59                      T\<^sub>i t1' => T\<^sub>i (Node4 t1' ab1 t2 ab2 t3 ab3 t4)
    60                   | Up\<^sub>i t11 q t12 => Up\<^sub>i (Node2 t11 q t12) ab1 (Node3 t2 ab2 t3 ab3 t4)) |
    61             EQ \<Rightarrow> T\<^sub>i (Node4 t1 (x,y) t2 ab2 t3 ab3 t4) |
    62             GT \<Rightarrow> (case upd x y t2 of
    63                     T\<^sub>i t2' => T\<^sub>i (Node4 t1 ab1 t2' ab2 t3 ab3 t4)
    64                   | Up\<^sub>i t21 q t22 => Up\<^sub>i (Node2 t1 ab1 t21) q (Node3 t22 ab2 t3 ab3 t4))) |
    65    EQ \<Rightarrow> T\<^sub>i (Node4 t1 ab1 t2 (x,y) t3 ab3 t4) |
    66    GT \<Rightarrow> (case cmp x (fst ab3) of
    67             LT \<Rightarrow> (case upd x y t3 of
    68                     T\<^sub>i t3' \<Rightarrow> T\<^sub>i (Node4 t1 ab1 t2 ab2 t3' ab3 t4)
    69                   | Up\<^sub>i t31 q t32 => Up\<^sub>i (Node2 t1 ab1 t2) ab2(*q*) (Node3 t31 q t32 ab3 t4)) |
    70             EQ \<Rightarrow> T\<^sub>i (Node4 t1 ab1 t2 ab2 t3 (x,y) t4) |
    71             GT \<Rightarrow> (case upd x y t4 of
    72                     T\<^sub>i t4' => T\<^sub>i (Node4 t1 ab1 t2 ab2 t3 ab3 t4')
    73                   | Up\<^sub>i t41 q t42 => Up\<^sub>i (Node2 t1 ab1 t2) ab2 (Node3 t3 ab3 t41 q t42))))"
    75 definition update :: "'a::linorder \<Rightarrow> 'b \<Rightarrow> ('a*'b) tree234 \<Rightarrow> ('a*'b) tree234" where
    76 "update x y t = tree\<^sub>i(upd x y t)"
    78 fun del :: "'a::linorder \<Rightarrow> ('a*'b) tree234 \<Rightarrow> ('a*'b) up\<^sub>d" where
    79 "del x Leaf = T\<^sub>d Leaf" |
    80 "del x (Node2 Leaf ab1 Leaf) = (if x=fst ab1 then Up\<^sub>d Leaf else T\<^sub>d(Node2 Leaf ab1 Leaf))" |
    81 "del x (Node3 Leaf ab1 Leaf ab2 Leaf) = T\<^sub>d(if x=fst ab1 then Node2 Leaf ab2 Leaf
    82   else if x=fst ab2 then Node2 Leaf ab1 Leaf else Node3 Leaf ab1 Leaf ab2 Leaf)" |
    83 "del x (Node4 Leaf ab1 Leaf ab2 Leaf ab3 Leaf) =
    84   T\<^sub>d(if x = fst ab1 then Node3 Leaf ab2 Leaf ab3 Leaf else
    85      if x = fst ab2 then Node3 Leaf ab1 Leaf ab3 Leaf else
    86      if x = fst ab3 then Node3 Leaf ab1 Leaf ab2 Leaf
    87      else Node4 Leaf ab1 Leaf ab2 Leaf ab3 Leaf)" |
    88 "del x (Node2 l ab1 r) = (case cmp x (fst ab1) of
    89   LT \<Rightarrow> node21 (del x l) ab1 r |
    90   GT \<Rightarrow> node22 l ab1 (del x r) |
    91   EQ \<Rightarrow> let (ab1',t) = split_min r in node22 l ab1' t)" |
    92 "del x (Node3 l ab1 m ab2 r) = (case cmp x (fst ab1) of
    93   LT \<Rightarrow> node31 (del x l) ab1 m ab2 r |
    94   EQ \<Rightarrow> let (ab1',m') = split_min m in node32 l ab1' m' ab2 r |
    95   GT \<Rightarrow> (case cmp x (fst ab2) of
    96            LT \<Rightarrow> node32 l ab1 (del x m) ab2 r |
    97            EQ \<Rightarrow> let (ab2',r') = split_min r in node33 l ab1 m ab2' r' |
    98            GT \<Rightarrow> node33 l ab1 m ab2 (del x r)))" |
    99 "del x (Node4 t1 ab1 t2 ab2 t3 ab3 t4) = (case cmp x (fst ab2) of
   100   LT \<Rightarrow> (case cmp x (fst ab1) of
   101            LT \<Rightarrow> node41 (del x t1) ab1 t2 ab2 t3 ab3 t4 |
   102            EQ \<Rightarrow> let (ab',t2') = split_min t2 in node42 t1 ab' t2' ab2 t3 ab3 t4 |
   103            GT \<Rightarrow> node42 t1 ab1 (del x t2) ab2 t3 ab3 t4) |
   104   EQ \<Rightarrow> let (ab',t3') = split_min t3 in node43 t1 ab1 t2 ab' t3' ab3 t4 |
   105   GT \<Rightarrow> (case cmp x (fst ab3) of
   106           LT \<Rightarrow> node43 t1 ab1 t2 ab2 (del x t3) ab3 t4 |
   107           EQ \<Rightarrow> let (ab',t4') = split_min t4 in node44 t1 ab1 t2 ab2 t3 ab' t4' |
   108           GT \<Rightarrow> node44 t1 ab1 t2 ab2 t3 ab3 (del x t4)))"
   110 definition delete :: "'a::linorder \<Rightarrow> ('a*'b) tree234 \<Rightarrow> ('a*'b) tree234" where
   111 "delete x t = tree\<^sub>d(del x t)"
   114 subsection "Functional correctness"
   116 lemma lookup_map_of:
   117   "sorted1(inorder t) \<Longrightarrow> lookup t x = map_of (inorder t) x"
   118 by (induction t) (auto simp: map_of_simps split: option.split)
   121 lemma inorder_upd:
   122   "sorted1(inorder t) \<Longrightarrow> inorder(tree\<^sub>i(upd a b t)) = upd_list a b (inorder t)"
   123 by(induction t)
   124   (auto simp: upd_list_simps, auto simp: upd_list_simps split: up\<^sub>i.splits)
   126 lemma inorder_update:
   127   "sorted1(inorder t) \<Longrightarrow> inorder(update a b t) = upd_list a b (inorder t)"
   128 by(simp add: update_def inorder_upd)
   130 lemma inorder_del: "\<lbrakk> bal t ; sorted1(inorder t) \<rbrakk> \<Longrightarrow>
   131   inorder(tree\<^sub>d (del x t)) = del_list x (inorder t)"
   132 by(induction t rule: del.induct)
   133   (auto simp: del_list_simps inorder_nodes split_minD split!: if_splits prod.splits)
   134 (* 30 secs (2016) *)
   136 lemma inorder_delete: "\<lbrakk> bal t ; sorted1(inorder t) \<rbrakk> \<Longrightarrow>
   137   inorder(delete x t) = del_list x (inorder t)"
   138 by(simp add: delete_def inorder_del)
   141 subsection \<open>Balancedness\<close>
   143 lemma bal_upd: "bal t \<Longrightarrow> bal (tree\<^sub>i(upd x y t)) \<and> height(upd x y t) = height t"
   144 by (induct t) (auto, auto split!: if_split up\<^sub>i.split) (* 20 secs (2015) *)
   146 lemma bal_update: "bal t \<Longrightarrow> bal (update x y t)"
   147 by (simp add: update_def bal_upd)
   149 lemma height_del: "bal t \<Longrightarrow> height(del x t) = height t"
   150 by(induction x t rule: del.induct)
   151   (auto simp add: heights height_split_min split!: if_split prod.split)
   153 lemma bal_tree\<^sub>d_del: "bal t \<Longrightarrow> bal(tree\<^sub>d(del x t))"
   154 by(induction x t rule: del.induct)
   155   (auto simp: bals bal_split_min height_del height_split_min split!: if_split prod.split)
   157 corollary bal_delete: "bal t \<Longrightarrow> bal(delete x t)"
   158 by(simp add: delete_def bal_tree\<^sub>d_del)
   161 subsection \<open>Overall Correctness\<close>
   163 interpretation M: Map_by_Ordered
   164 where empty = empty and lookup = lookup and update = update and delete = delete
   165 and inorder = inorder and inv = bal
   166 proof (standard, goal_cases)
   167   case 2 thus ?case by(simp add: lookup_map_of)
   168 next
   169   case 3 thus ?case by(simp add: inorder_update)
   170 next
   171   case 4 thus ?case by(simp add: inorder_delete)
   172 next
   173   case 6 thus ?case by(simp add: bal_update)
   174 next
   175   case 7 thus ?case by(simp add: bal_delete)
   176 qed (simp add: empty_def)+
   178 end