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Tue, 10 Feb 2004 12:02:11 +0100
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generic of_nat and of_int functions, and generalization of iszero and neg


%%%Boxed terminal sessions

%Redefines \{ and \} to be in \tt font and \| to make a BACKSLASH

%Restores % as the comment character (especially, to suppress line breaks)

%alltt* environment: like alltt but smaller, and with \{ \} and \| as in ttbox

%Indented alltt* environment with small point size
%NO LINE BREAKS are allowed unless \pagebreak appears at START of a line


%%%% more \tt things

\def\ttdescriptionlabel#1{\hspace\labelsep \tt #1}
\def\ttdescription{\list{}{\labelwidth\z@ \itemindent-\leftmargin


\chardef\ttilde=`\~     % A tilde for \tt font
\chardef\ttback=`\\     % A backslash for \tt font
\chardef\ttlbrace=`\{   % A left brace for \tt font
\chardef\ttrbrace=`\}   % A right brace for \tt font
\chardef\ttlbrack=`\[   % A left bracket for \tt font
\chardef\ttrbrack=`\]   % A right bracket for \tt font

\newcommand\out{\ \ttfamily\slshape}   %% for output from terminal sessions