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<H2>HOLCF: A higher order version of LCF based on Isabelle HOL</H2>

Author:     Franz Regensburger<BR>
Copyright   1995 Technische Universität München<P>

Version: 2.0<BR>
Date: 16.08.95<P>

A detailed description of the entire development can be found in 

<LI>Franz Regensburger,<BR>
    HOLCF: Eine konservative Erweiterung von HOL um LCF,<BR>
    Dissertation, Technische Universität München, 1994


<DD>New translation mechanism for continuous infixes

<DD>Conversion to curried version of HOL.

<DD>The old uncurried version of HOLCF is no longer supported
    in the distribution.

<DD>added sections axioms, ops, domain, genertated
    and 8bit support