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<H3>HOLCF: A higher-order version of LCF based on Isabelle/HOL</H3>

Author:     Franz Regensburger<BR>
Copyright   1995 Technische Universität München<P>

A detailed description (in german) of the entire development can be found in:

  <li> <A HREF=""> HOLCF: eine konservative Erweiterung von HOL um LCF</A>, <br>
        <A HREF="">
        Franz Regenburger</A>. <br>
        Dissertation Technische Universit&auml;t M&uuml;nchen. <BR>
        Year: 1994.

A short survey is available in:
<li><A HREF="">HOLCF: Higher Order Logic of Computable Functions</A> <br>