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     1 (*  Title:      HOL/HOLCF/Cpodef.thy
     2     Author:     Brian Huffman
     3 *)
     5 section \<open>Subtypes of pcpos\<close>
     7 theory Cpodef
     8 imports Adm
     9 keywords "pcpodef" "cpodef" :: thy_goal
    10 begin
    12 subsection \<open>Proving a subtype is a partial order\<close>
    14 text \<open>
    15   A subtype of a partial order is itself a partial order,
    16   if the ordering is defined in the standard way.
    17 \<close>
    19 setup \<open>Sign.add_const_constraint (@{const_name Porder.below}, NONE)\<close>
    21 theorem typedef_po:
    22   fixes Abs :: "'a::po \<Rightarrow> 'b::type"
    23   assumes type: "type_definition Rep Abs A"
    24     and below: "op \<sqsubseteq> \<equiv> \<lambda>x y. Rep x \<sqsubseteq> Rep y"
    25   shows "OFCLASS('b, po_class)"
    26  apply (intro_classes, unfold below)
    27    apply (rule below_refl)
    28   apply (erule (1) below_trans)
    29  apply (rule type_definition.Rep_inject [OF type, THEN iffD1])
    30  apply (erule (1) below_antisym)
    31 done
    33 setup \<open>Sign.add_const_constraint (@{const_name Porder.below},
    34   SOME @{typ "'a::below \<Rightarrow> 'a::below \<Rightarrow> bool"})\<close>
    36 subsection \<open>Proving a subtype is finite\<close>
    38 lemma typedef_finite_UNIV:
    39   fixes Abs :: "'a::type \<Rightarrow> 'b::type"
    40   assumes type: "type_definition Rep Abs A"
    41   shows "finite A \<Longrightarrow> finite (UNIV :: 'b set)"
    42 proof -
    43   assume "finite A"
    44   hence "finite (Abs ` A)" by (rule finite_imageI)
    45   thus "finite (UNIV :: 'b set)"
    46     by (simp only: type_definition.Abs_image [OF type])
    47 qed
    49 subsection \<open>Proving a subtype is chain-finite\<close>
    51 lemma ch2ch_Rep:
    52   assumes below: "op \<sqsubseteq> \<equiv> \<lambda>x y. Rep x \<sqsubseteq> Rep y"
    53   shows "chain S \<Longrightarrow> chain (\<lambda>i. Rep (S i))"
    54 unfolding chain_def below .
    56 theorem typedef_chfin:
    57   fixes Abs :: "'a::chfin \<Rightarrow> 'b::po"
    58   assumes type: "type_definition Rep Abs A"
    59     and below: "op \<sqsubseteq> \<equiv> \<lambda>x y. Rep x \<sqsubseteq> Rep y"
    60   shows "OFCLASS('b, chfin_class)"
    61  apply intro_classes
    62  apply (drule ch2ch_Rep [OF below])
    63  apply (drule chfin)
    64  apply (unfold max_in_chain_def)
    65  apply (simp add: type_definition.Rep_inject [OF type])
    66 done
    68 subsection \<open>Proving a subtype is complete\<close>
    70 text \<open>
    71   A subtype of a cpo is itself a cpo if the ordering is
    72   defined in the standard way, and the defining subset
    73   is closed with respect to limits of chains.  A set is
    74   closed if and only if membership in the set is an
    75   admissible predicate.
    76 \<close>
    78 lemma typedef_is_lubI:
    79   assumes below: "op \<sqsubseteq> \<equiv> \<lambda>x y. Rep x \<sqsubseteq> Rep y"
    80   shows "range (\<lambda>i. Rep (S i)) <<| Rep x \<Longrightarrow> range S <<| x"
    81 unfolding is_lub_def is_ub_def below by simp
    83 lemma Abs_inverse_lub_Rep:
    84   fixes Abs :: "'a::cpo \<Rightarrow> 'b::po"
    85   assumes type: "type_definition Rep Abs A"
    86     and below: "op \<sqsubseteq> \<equiv> \<lambda>x y. Rep x \<sqsubseteq> Rep y"
    87     and adm:  "adm (\<lambda>x. x \<in> A)"
    88   shows "chain S \<Longrightarrow> Rep (Abs (\<Squnion>i. Rep (S i))) = (\<Squnion>i. Rep (S i))"
    89  apply (rule type_definition.Abs_inverse [OF type])
    90  apply (erule admD [OF adm ch2ch_Rep [OF below]])
    91  apply (rule type_definition.Rep [OF type])
    92 done
    94 theorem typedef_is_lub:
    95   fixes Abs :: "'a::cpo \<Rightarrow> 'b::po"
    96   assumes type: "type_definition Rep Abs A"
    97     and below: "op \<sqsubseteq> \<equiv> \<lambda>x y. Rep x \<sqsubseteq> Rep y"
    98     and adm: "adm (\<lambda>x. x \<in> A)"
    99   shows "chain S \<Longrightarrow> range S <<| Abs (\<Squnion>i. Rep (S i))"
   100 proof -
   101   assume S: "chain S"
   102   hence "chain (\<lambda>i. Rep (S i))" by (rule ch2ch_Rep [OF below])
   103   hence "range (\<lambda>i. Rep (S i)) <<| (\<Squnion>i. Rep (S i))" by (rule cpo_lubI)
   104   hence "range (\<lambda>i. Rep (S i)) <<| Rep (Abs (\<Squnion>i. Rep (S i)))"
   105     by (simp only: Abs_inverse_lub_Rep [OF type below adm S])
   106   thus "range S <<| Abs (\<Squnion>i. Rep (S i))"
   107     by (rule typedef_is_lubI [OF below])
   108 qed
   110 lemmas typedef_lub = typedef_is_lub [THEN lub_eqI]
   112 theorem typedef_cpo:
   113   fixes Abs :: "'a::cpo \<Rightarrow> 'b::po"
   114   assumes type: "type_definition Rep Abs A"
   115     and below: "op \<sqsubseteq> \<equiv> \<lambda>x y. Rep x \<sqsubseteq> Rep y"
   116     and adm: "adm (\<lambda>x. x \<in> A)"
   117   shows "OFCLASS('b, cpo_class)"
   118 proof
   119   fix S::"nat \<Rightarrow> 'b" assume "chain S"
   120   hence "range S <<| Abs (\<Squnion>i. Rep (S i))"
   121     by (rule typedef_is_lub [OF type below adm])
   122   thus "\<exists>x. range S <<| x" ..
   123 qed
   125 subsubsection \<open>Continuity of \emph{Rep} and \emph{Abs}\<close>
   127 text \<open>For any sub-cpo, the @{term Rep} function is continuous.\<close>
   129 theorem typedef_cont_Rep:
   130   fixes Abs :: "'a::cpo \<Rightarrow> 'b::cpo"
   131   assumes type: "type_definition Rep Abs A"
   132     and below: "op \<sqsubseteq> \<equiv> \<lambda>x y. Rep x \<sqsubseteq> Rep y"
   133     and adm: "adm (\<lambda>x. x \<in> A)"
   134   shows "cont (\<lambda>x. f x) \<Longrightarrow> cont (\<lambda>x. Rep (f x))"
   135  apply (erule cont_apply [OF _ _ cont_const])
   136  apply (rule contI)
   137  apply (simp only: typedef_lub [OF type below adm])
   138  apply (simp only: Abs_inverse_lub_Rep [OF type below adm])
   139  apply (rule cpo_lubI)
   140  apply (erule ch2ch_Rep [OF below])
   141 done
   143 text \<open>
   144   For a sub-cpo, we can make the @{term Abs} function continuous
   145   only if we restrict its domain to the defining subset by
   146   composing it with another continuous function.
   147 \<close>
   149 theorem typedef_cont_Abs:
   150   fixes Abs :: "'a::cpo \<Rightarrow> 'b::cpo"
   151   fixes f :: "'c::cpo \<Rightarrow> 'a::cpo"
   152   assumes type: "type_definition Rep Abs A"
   153     and below: "op \<sqsubseteq> \<equiv> \<lambda>x y. Rep x \<sqsubseteq> Rep y"
   154     and adm: "adm (\<lambda>x. x \<in> A)" (* not used *)
   155     and f_in_A: "\<And>x. f x \<in> A"
   156   shows "cont f \<Longrightarrow> cont (\<lambda>x. Abs (f x))"
   157 unfolding cont_def is_lub_def is_ub_def ball_simps below
   158 by (simp add: type_definition.Abs_inverse [OF type f_in_A])
   160 subsection \<open>Proving subtype elements are compact\<close>
   162 theorem typedef_compact:
   163   fixes Abs :: "'a::cpo \<Rightarrow> 'b::cpo"
   164   assumes type: "type_definition Rep Abs A"
   165     and below: "op \<sqsubseteq> \<equiv> \<lambda>x y. Rep x \<sqsubseteq> Rep y"
   166     and adm: "adm (\<lambda>x. x \<in> A)"
   167   shows "compact (Rep k) \<Longrightarrow> compact k"
   168 proof (unfold compact_def)
   169   have cont_Rep: "cont Rep"
   170     by (rule typedef_cont_Rep [OF type below adm cont_id])
   171   assume "adm (\<lambda>x. Rep k \<notsqsubseteq> x)"
   172   with cont_Rep have "adm (\<lambda>x. Rep k \<notsqsubseteq> Rep x)" by (rule adm_subst)
   173   thus "adm (\<lambda>x. k \<notsqsubseteq> x)" by (unfold below)
   174 qed
   176 subsection \<open>Proving a subtype is pointed\<close>
   178 text \<open>
   179   A subtype of a cpo has a least element if and only if
   180   the defining subset has a least element.
   181 \<close>
   183 theorem typedef_pcpo_generic:
   184   fixes Abs :: "'a::cpo \<Rightarrow> 'b::cpo"
   185   assumes type: "type_definition Rep Abs A"
   186     and below: "op \<sqsubseteq> \<equiv> \<lambda>x y. Rep x \<sqsubseteq> Rep y"
   187     and z_in_A: "z \<in> A"
   188     and z_least: "\<And>x. x \<in> A \<Longrightarrow> z \<sqsubseteq> x"
   189   shows "OFCLASS('b, pcpo_class)"
   190  apply (intro_classes)
   191  apply (rule_tac x="Abs z" in exI, rule allI)
   192  apply (unfold below)
   193  apply (subst type_definition.Abs_inverse [OF type z_in_A])
   194  apply (rule z_least [OF type_definition.Rep [OF type]])
   195 done
   197 text \<open>
   198   As a special case, a subtype of a pcpo has a least element
   199   if the defining subset contains @{term \<bottom>}.
   200 \<close>
   202 theorem typedef_pcpo:
   203   fixes Abs :: "'a::pcpo \<Rightarrow> 'b::cpo"
   204   assumes type: "type_definition Rep Abs A"
   205     and below: "op \<sqsubseteq> \<equiv> \<lambda>x y. Rep x \<sqsubseteq> Rep y"
   206     and bottom_in_A: "\<bottom> \<in> A"
   207   shows "OFCLASS('b, pcpo_class)"
   208 by (rule typedef_pcpo_generic [OF type below bottom_in_A], rule minimal)
   210 subsubsection \<open>Strictness of \emph{Rep} and \emph{Abs}\<close>
   212 text \<open>
   213   For a sub-pcpo where @{term \<bottom>} is a member of the defining
   214   subset, @{term Rep} and @{term Abs} are both strict.
   215 \<close>
   217 theorem typedef_Abs_strict:
   218   assumes type: "type_definition Rep Abs A"
   219     and below: "op \<sqsubseteq> \<equiv> \<lambda>x y. Rep x \<sqsubseteq> Rep y"
   220     and bottom_in_A: "\<bottom> \<in> A"
   221   shows "Abs \<bottom> = \<bottom>"
   222  apply (rule bottomI, unfold below)
   223  apply (simp add: type_definition.Abs_inverse [OF type bottom_in_A])
   224 done
   226 theorem typedef_Rep_strict:
   227   assumes type: "type_definition Rep Abs A"
   228     and below: "op \<sqsubseteq> \<equiv> \<lambda>x y. Rep x \<sqsubseteq> Rep y"
   229     and bottom_in_A: "\<bottom> \<in> A"
   230   shows "Rep \<bottom> = \<bottom>"
   231  apply (rule typedef_Abs_strict [OF type below bottom_in_A, THEN subst])
   232  apply (rule type_definition.Abs_inverse [OF type bottom_in_A])
   233 done
   235 theorem typedef_Abs_bottom_iff:
   236   assumes type: "type_definition Rep Abs A"
   237     and below: "op \<sqsubseteq> \<equiv> \<lambda>x y. Rep x \<sqsubseteq> Rep y"
   238     and bottom_in_A: "\<bottom> \<in> A"
   239   shows "x \<in> A \<Longrightarrow> (Abs x = \<bottom>) = (x = \<bottom>)"
   240  apply (rule typedef_Abs_strict [OF type below bottom_in_A, THEN subst])
   241  apply (simp add: type_definition.Abs_inject [OF type] bottom_in_A)
   242 done
   244 theorem typedef_Rep_bottom_iff:
   245   assumes type: "type_definition Rep Abs A"
   246     and below: "op \<sqsubseteq> \<equiv> \<lambda>x y. Rep x \<sqsubseteq> Rep y"
   247     and bottom_in_A: "\<bottom> \<in> A"
   248   shows "(Rep x = \<bottom>) = (x = \<bottom>)"
   249  apply (rule typedef_Rep_strict [OF type below bottom_in_A, THEN subst])
   250  apply (simp add: type_definition.Rep_inject [OF type])
   251 done
   253 subsection \<open>Proving a subtype is flat\<close>
   255 theorem typedef_flat:
   256   fixes Abs :: "'a::flat \<Rightarrow> 'b::pcpo"
   257   assumes type: "type_definition Rep Abs A"
   258     and below: "op \<sqsubseteq> \<equiv> \<lambda>x y. Rep x \<sqsubseteq> Rep y"
   259     and bottom_in_A: "\<bottom> \<in> A"
   260   shows "OFCLASS('b, flat_class)"
   261  apply (intro_classes)
   262  apply (unfold below)
   263  apply (simp add: type_definition.Rep_inject [OF type, symmetric])
   264  apply (simp add: typedef_Rep_strict [OF type below bottom_in_A])
   265  apply (simp add: ax_flat)
   266 done
   268 subsection \<open>HOLCF type definition package\<close>
   270 ML_file "Tools/cpodef.ML"
   272 end