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Adapted to changes in FixedPoint theory.

(*  Title:      HOL/IMP/Denotation.thy
    ID:         $Id$
    Author:     Heiko Loetzbeyer & Robert Sandner, TUM
    Copyright   1994 TUM

header "Denotational Semantics of Commands"

theory Denotation imports Natural begin

types com_den = "(state\<times>state)set"

  Gamma :: "[bexp,com_den] => (com_den => com_den)"
  "Gamma b cd == (\<lambda>phi. {(s,t). (s,t) \<in> (phi O cd) \<and> b s} \<union>
                       {(s,t). s=t \<and> \<not>b s})"

  C :: "com => com_den"

  C_skip:   "C \<SKIP>   = Id"
  C_assign: "C (x :== a) = {(s,t). t = s[x\<mapsto>a(s)]}"
  C_comp:   "C (c0;c1)   = C(c1) O C(c0)"
  C_if:     "C (\<IF> b \<THEN> c1 \<ELSE> c2) = {(s,t). (s,t) \<in> C c1 \<and> b s} \<union>
                                                {(s,t). (s,t) \<in> C c2 \<and> \<not>b s}"
  C_while:  "C(\<WHILE> b \<DO> c) = lfp (Gamma b (C c))"

(**** mono (Gamma(b,c)) ****)

lemma Gamma_mono: "mono (Gamma b c)"
  by (unfold Gamma_def mono_def) fast

lemma C_While_If: "C(\<WHILE> b \<DO> c) = C(\<IF> b \<THEN> c;\<WHILE> b \<DO> c \<ELSE> \<SKIP>)"
apply simp
apply (subst lfp_unfold [OF Gamma_mono])  --{*lhs only*}
apply (simp add: Gamma_def)

(* Operational Semantics implies Denotational Semantics *)

lemma com1: "\<langle>c,s\<rangle> \<longrightarrow>\<^sub>c t \<Longrightarrow> (s,t) \<in> C(c)"
(* start with rule induction *)
apply (induct set: evalc)
apply auto
(* while *)
apply (unfold Gamma_def)
apply (subst lfp_unfold[OF Gamma_mono, simplified Gamma_def])
apply fast
apply (subst lfp_unfold[OF Gamma_mono, simplified Gamma_def])
apply fast

(* Denotational Semantics implies Operational Semantics *)

lemma com2: "(s,t) \<in> C(c) \<Longrightarrow> \<langle>c,s\<rangle> \<longrightarrow>\<^sub>c t"
apply (induct c arbitrary: s t)

apply simp_all
apply fast
apply fast

(* while *)
apply (erule lfp_induct_set [OF _ Gamma_mono])
apply (unfold Gamma_def)
apply fast

(**** Proof of Equivalence ****)

lemma denotational_is_natural: "(s,t) \<in> C(c)  =  (\<langle>c,s\<rangle> \<longrightarrow>\<^sub>c t)"
  by (fast elim: com2 dest: com1)