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Renamed ii to imaginary_unit in order to free up ii as a variable name. Also replaced some legacy def commands
     1 (*  Title:      HOL/Analysis/Jordan_Curve.thy
     2     Authors:    LC Paulson, based on material from HOL Light
     3 *)
     5 section \<open>The Jordan Curve Theorem and Applications\<close>
     7 theory Jordan_Curve
     8   imports Arcwise_Connected Further_Topology
    10 begin
    12 subsection\<open>Janiszewski's theorem.\<close>
    14 lemma Janiszewski_weak:
    15   fixes a b::complex
    16   assumes "compact S" "compact T" and conST: "connected(S \<inter> T)"
    17       and ccS: "connected_component (- S) a b" and ccT: "connected_component (- T) a b"
    18     shows "connected_component (- (S \<union> T)) a b"
    19 proof -
    20   have [simp]: "a \<notin> S" "a \<notin> T" "b \<notin> S" "b \<notin> T"
    21     by (meson ComplD ccS ccT connected_component_in)+
    22   have clo: "closedin (subtopology euclidean (S \<union> T)) S" "closedin (subtopology euclidean (S \<union> T)) T"
    23     by (simp_all add: assms closed_subset compact_imp_closed)
    24   obtain g where contg: "continuous_on S g"
    25              and g: "\<And>x. x \<in> S \<Longrightarrow> exp (\<i>* of_real (g x)) = (x - a) /\<^sub>R cmod (x - a) / ((x - b) /\<^sub>R cmod (x - b))"
    26     using ccS \<open>compact S\<close>
    27     apply (simp add: Borsuk_maps_homotopic_in_connected_component_eq [symmetric])
    28     apply (subst (asm) homotopic_circlemaps_divide)
    29     apply (auto simp: inessential_eq_continuous_logarithm_circle)
    30     done
    31   obtain h where conth: "continuous_on T h"
    32              and h: "\<And>x. x \<in> T \<Longrightarrow> exp (\<i>* of_real (h x)) = (x - a) /\<^sub>R cmod (x - a) / ((x - b) /\<^sub>R cmod (x - b))"
    33     using ccT \<open>compact T\<close>
    34     apply (simp add: Borsuk_maps_homotopic_in_connected_component_eq [symmetric])
    35     apply (subst (asm) homotopic_circlemaps_divide)
    36     apply (auto simp: inessential_eq_continuous_logarithm_circle)
    37     done
    38   have "continuous_on (S \<union> T) (\<lambda>x. (x - a) /\<^sub>R cmod (x - a))" "continuous_on (S \<union> T) (\<lambda>x. (x - b) /\<^sub>R cmod (x - b))"
    39     by (intro continuous_intros; force)+
    40   moreover have "(\<lambda>x. (x - a) /\<^sub>R cmod (x - a)) ` (S \<union> T) \<subseteq> sphere 0 1" "(\<lambda>x. (x - b) /\<^sub>R cmod (x - b)) ` (S \<union> T) \<subseteq> sphere 0 1"
    41     by (auto simp: divide_simps)
    42   moreover have "\<exists>g. continuous_on (S \<union> T) g \<and>
    43                      (\<forall>x\<in>S \<union> T. (x - a) /\<^sub>R cmod (x - a) / ((x - b) /\<^sub>R cmod (x - b)) = exp (\<i>*complex_of_real (g x)))"
    44   proof (cases "S \<inter> T = {}")
    45     case True
    46     have "continuous_on (S \<union> T) (\<lambda>x. if x \<in> S then g x else h x)"
    47       apply (rule continuous_on_cases_local [OF clo contg conth])
    48       using True by auto
    49     then show ?thesis
    50       by (rule_tac x="(\<lambda>x. if x \<in> S then g x else h x)" in exI) (auto simp: g h)
    51   next
    52     case False
    53     have diffpi: "\<exists>n. g x = h x + 2* of_int n*pi" if "x \<in> S \<inter> T" for x
    54     proof -
    55       have "exp (\<i>* of_real (g x)) = exp (\<i>* of_real (h x))"
    56         using that by (simp add: g h)
    57       then obtain n where "complex_of_real (g x) = complex_of_real (h x) + 2* of_int n*complex_of_real pi"
    58         apply (auto simp: exp_eq)
    59         by (metis complex_i_not_zero distrib_left mult.commute mult_cancel_left)
    60       then show ?thesis
    61         apply (rule_tac x=n in exI)
    62         using of_real_eq_iff by fastforce
    63     qed
    64     have contgh: "continuous_on (S \<inter> T) (\<lambda>x. g x - h x)"
    65       by (intro continuous_intros continuous_on_subset [OF contg] continuous_on_subset [OF conth]) auto
    66     moreover have disc:
    67           "\<exists>e>0. \<forall>y. y \<in> S \<inter> T \<and> g y - h y \<noteq> g x - h x \<longrightarrow> e \<le> norm ((g y - h y) - (g x - h x))"
    68           if "x \<in> S \<inter> T" for x
    69     proof -
    70       obtain nx where nx: "g x = h x + 2* of_int nx*pi"
    71         using \<open>x \<in> S \<inter> T\<close> diffpi by blast
    72       have "2*pi \<le> norm (g y - h y - (g x - h x))" if y: "y \<in> S \<inter> T" and neq: "g y - h y \<noteq> g x - h x" for y
    73       proof -
    74         obtain ny where ny: "g y = h y + 2* of_int ny*pi"
    75           using \<open>y \<in> S \<inter> T\<close> diffpi by blast
    76         { assume "nx \<noteq> ny"
    77           then have "1 \<le> \<bar>real_of_int ny - real_of_int nx\<bar>"
    78             by linarith
    79           then have "(2*pi)*1 \<le> (2*pi)*\<bar>real_of_int ny - real_of_int nx\<bar>"
    80             by simp
    81           also have "... = \<bar>2*real_of_int ny*pi - 2*real_of_int nx*pi\<bar>"
    82             by (simp add: algebra_simps abs_if)
    83           finally have "2*pi \<le> \<bar>2*real_of_int ny*pi - 2*real_of_int nx*pi\<bar>" by simp
    84         }
    85         with neq show ?thesis
    86           by (simp add: nx ny)
    87       qed
    88       then show ?thesis
    89         by (rule_tac x="2*pi" in exI) auto
    90     qed
    91     ultimately obtain z where z: "\<And>x. x \<in> S \<inter> T \<Longrightarrow> g x - h x = z"
    92       using continuous_discrete_range_constant [OF conST contgh] by blast
    93     obtain w where "exp(\<i> * of_real(h w)) = exp (\<i> * of_real(z + h w))"
    94       using disc z False
    95       by auto (metis diff_add_cancel g h of_real_add)
    96     then have [simp]: "exp (\<i>* of_real z) = 1"
    97       by (metis cis_conv_exp cis_mult exp_not_eq_zero mult_cancel_right1)
    98     show ?thesis
    99     proof (intro exI conjI)
   100       show "continuous_on (S \<union> T) (\<lambda>x. if x \<in> S then g x else z + h x)"
   101         apply (intro continuous_intros continuous_on_cases_local [OF clo contg] conth)
   102         using z by fastforce
   103     qed (auto simp: g h algebra_simps exp_add)
   104   qed
   105   ultimately have *: "homotopic_with (\<lambda>x. True) (S \<union> T) (sphere 0 1)
   106                           (\<lambda>x. (x - a) /\<^sub>R cmod (x - a))  (\<lambda>x. (x - b) /\<^sub>R cmod (x - b))"
   107     by (subst homotopic_circlemaps_divide) (auto simp: inessential_eq_continuous_logarithm_circle)
   108   show ?thesis
   109     apply (rule Borsuk_maps_homotopic_in_connected_component_eq [THEN iffD1])
   110     using assms by (auto simp: *)
   111 qed
   114 theorem Janiszewski:
   115   fixes a b::complex
   116   assumes "compact S" "closed T" and conST: "connected(S \<inter> T)"
   117       and ccS: "connected_component (- S) a b" and ccT: "connected_component (- T) a b"
   118     shows "connected_component (- (S \<union> T)) a b"
   119 proof -
   120   have "path_component(- T) a b"
   121     by (simp add: \<open>closed T\<close> ccT open_Compl open_path_connected_component)
   122   then obtain g where g: "path g" "path_image g \<subseteq> - T" "pathstart g = a" "pathfinish g = b"
   123     by (auto simp: path_component_def)
   124   obtain C where C: "compact C" "connected C" "a \<in> C" "b \<in> C" "C \<inter> T = {}"
   125   proof
   126     show "compact (path_image g)"
   127       by (simp add: \<open>path g\<close> compact_path_image)
   128     show "connected (path_image g)"
   129       by (simp add: \<open>path g\<close> connected_path_image)
   130   qed (use g in auto)
   131   obtain r where "0 < r" and r: "C \<union> S \<subseteq> ball 0 r"
   132     by (metis \<open>compact C\<close> \<open>compact S\<close> bounded_Un compact_imp_bounded bounded_subset_ballD)
   133   have "connected_component (- (S \<union> (T \<inter> cball 0 r \<union> sphere 0 r))) a b"
   134   proof (rule Janiszewski_weak [OF \<open>compact S\<close>])
   135     show comT': "compact ((T \<inter> cball 0 r) \<union> sphere 0 r)"
   136       by (simp add: \<open>closed T\<close> closed_Int_compact compact_Un)
   137     have "S \<inter> (T \<inter> cball 0 r \<union> sphere 0 r) = S \<inter> T"
   138       using r by auto
   139     with conST show "connected (S \<inter> (T \<inter> cball 0 r \<union> sphere 0 r))"
   140       by simp
   141     show "connected_component (- (T \<inter> cball 0 r \<union> sphere 0 r)) a b"
   142       using conST C r
   143       apply (simp add: connected_component_def)
   144       apply (rule_tac x=C in exI)
   145       by auto
   146   qed (simp add: ccS)
   147   then obtain U where U: "connected U" "U \<subseteq> - S" "U \<subseteq> - T \<union> - cball 0 r" "U \<subseteq> - sphere 0 r" "a \<in> U" "b \<in> U"
   148     by (auto simp: connected_component_def)
   149   show ?thesis
   150     unfolding connected_component_def
   151   proof (intro exI conjI)
   152     show "U \<subseteq> - (S \<union> T)"
   153       using U r \<open>0 < r\<close> \<open>a \<in> C\<close> connected_Int_frontier [of U "cball 0 r"]
   154       apply simp
   155       by (metis ball_subset_cball compl_inf disjoint_eq_subset_Compl disjoint_iff_not_equal inf.orderE inf_sup_aci(3) subsetCE)
   156   qed (auto simp: U)
   157 qed
   159 lemma Janiszewski_connected:
   160   fixes S :: "complex set"
   161   assumes ST: "compact S" "closed T" "connected(S \<inter> T)"
   162       and notST: "connected (- S)" "connected (- T)"
   163     shows "connected(- (S \<union> T))"
   164 using Janiszewski [OF ST]
   165 by (metis IntD1 IntD2 notST compl_sup connected_iff_connected_component)
   167 subsection\<open>The Jordan Curve theorem\<close>
   169 lemma exists_double_arc:
   170   fixes g :: "real \<Rightarrow> 'a::real_normed_vector"
   171   assumes "simple_path g" "pathfinish g = pathstart g" "a \<in> path_image g" "b \<in> path_image g" "a \<noteq> b"
   172   obtains u d where "arc u" "arc d" "pathstart u = a" "pathfinish u = b"
   173                     "pathstart d = b" "pathfinish d = a"
   174                     "(path_image u) \<inter> (path_image d) = {a,b}"
   175                     "(path_image u) \<union> (path_image d) = path_image g"
   176 proof -
   177   obtain u where u: "0 \<le> u" "u \<le> 1" "g u = a"
   178     using assms by (auto simp: path_image_def)
   179   define h where "h \<equiv> shiftpath u g"
   180   have "simple_path h"
   181     using \<open>simple_path g\<close> simple_path_shiftpath \<open>0 \<le> u\<close> \<open>u \<le> 1\<close> assms(2) h_def by blast
   182   have "pathstart h = g u"
   183     by (simp add: \<open>u \<le> 1\<close> h_def pathstart_shiftpath)
   184   have "pathfinish h = g u"
   185     by (simp add: \<open>0 \<le> u\<close> assms h_def pathfinish_shiftpath)
   186   have pihg: "path_image h = path_image g"
   187     by (simp add: \<open>0 \<le> u\<close> \<open>u \<le> 1\<close> assms h_def path_image_shiftpath)
   188   then obtain v where v: "0 \<le> v" "v \<le> 1" "h v = b"
   189     using assms by (metis (mono_tags, lifting) atLeastAtMost_iff imageE path_image_def)
   190   show ?thesis
   191   proof
   192     show "arc (subpath 0 v h)"
   193       by (metis (no_types) \<open>pathstart h = g u\<close> \<open>simple_path h\<close> arc_simple_path_subpath \<open>a \<noteq> b\<close> atLeastAtMost_iff zero_le_one order_refl pathstart_def u(3) v)
   194     show "arc (subpath v 1 h)"
   195       by (metis (no_types) \<open>pathfinish h = g u\<close> \<open>simple_path h\<close> arc_simple_path_subpath \<open>a \<noteq> b\<close> atLeastAtMost_iff zero_le_one order_refl pathfinish_def u(3) v)
   196     show "pathstart (subpath 0 v h) = a"
   197       by (metis \<open>pathstart h = g u\<close> pathstart_def pathstart_subpath u(3))
   198     show "pathfinish (subpath 0 v h) = b"  "pathstart (subpath v 1 h) = b"
   199       by (simp_all add: v(3))
   200     show "pathfinish (subpath v 1 h) = a"
   201       by (metis \<open>pathfinish h = g u\<close> pathfinish_def pathfinish_subpath u(3))
   202     show "path_image (subpath 0 v h) \<inter> path_image (subpath v 1 h) = {a, b}"
   203     proof
   204       show "path_image (subpath 0 v h) \<inter> path_image (subpath v 1 h) \<subseteq> {a, b}"
   205         using v  \<open>pathfinish (subpath v 1 h) = a\<close> \<open>simple_path h\<close>
   206           apply (auto simp: simple_path_def path_image_subpath image_iff Ball_def)
   207         by (metis (full_types) less_eq_real_def less_irrefl less_le_trans)
   208       show "{a, b} \<subseteq> path_image (subpath 0 v h) \<inter> path_image (subpath v 1 h)"
   209         using v \<open>pathstart (subpath 0 v h) = a\<close> \<open>pathfinish (subpath v 1 h) = a\<close>
   210         apply (auto simp: path_image_subpath image_iff)
   211         by (metis atLeastAtMost_iff order_refl)
   212     qed
   213     show "path_image (subpath 0 v h) \<union> path_image (subpath v 1 h) = path_image g"
   214       using v apply (simp add: path_image_subpath pihg [symmetric])
   215       using path_image_def by fastforce
   216   qed
   217 qed
   220 theorem Jordan_curve:
   221   fixes c :: "real \<Rightarrow> complex"
   222   assumes "simple_path c" and loop: "pathfinish c = pathstart c"
   223   obtains inner outer where
   224                 "inner \<noteq> {}" "open inner" "connected inner"
   225                 "outer \<noteq> {}" "open outer" "connected outer"
   226                 "bounded inner" "\<not> bounded outer" "inner \<inter> outer = {}"
   227                 "inner \<union> outer = - path_image c"
   228                 "frontier inner = path_image c"
   229                 "frontier outer = path_image c"
   230 proof -
   231   have "path c"
   232     by (simp add: assms simple_path_imp_path)
   233   have hom: "(path_image c) homeomorphic (sphere(0::complex) 1)"
   234     by (simp add: assms homeomorphic_simple_path_image_circle)
   235   with Jordan_Brouwer_separation have "\<not> connected (- (path_image c))"
   236     by fastforce
   237   then obtain inner where inner: "inner \<in> components (- path_image c)" and "bounded inner"
   238     using cobounded_has_bounded_component [of "- (path_image c)"]
   239     using \<open>\<not> connected (- path_image c)\<close> \<open>simple_path c\<close> bounded_simple_path_image by force
   240   obtain outer where outer: "outer \<in> components (- path_image c)" and "\<not> bounded outer"
   241     using cobounded_unbounded_components [of "- (path_image c)"]
   242     using \<open>path c\<close> bounded_path_image by auto
   243   show ?thesis
   244   proof
   245     show "inner \<noteq> {}"
   246       using inner in_components_nonempty by auto
   247     show "open inner"
   248       by (meson \<open>simple_path c\<close> compact_imp_closed compact_simple_path_image inner open_Compl open_components)
   249     show "connected inner"
   250       using in_components_connected inner by blast
   251     show "outer \<noteq> {}"
   252       using outer in_components_nonempty by auto
   253     show "open outer"
   254       by (meson \<open>simple_path c\<close> compact_imp_closed compact_simple_path_image outer open_Compl open_components)
   255     show "connected outer"
   256       using in_components_connected outer by blast
   257     show "inner \<inter> outer = {}"
   258       by (meson \<open>\<not> bounded outer\<close> \<open>bounded inner\<close> \<open>connected outer\<close> bounded_subset components_maximal in_components_subset inner outer)
   259     show fro_inner: "frontier inner = path_image c"
   260       by (simp add: Jordan_Brouwer_frontier [OF hom inner])
   261     show fro_outer: "frontier outer = path_image c"
   262       by (simp add: Jordan_Brouwer_frontier [OF hom outer])
   263     have False if m: "middle \<in> components (- path_image c)" and "middle \<noteq> inner" "middle \<noteq> outer" for middle
   264     proof -
   265       have "frontier middle = path_image c"
   266         by (simp add: Jordan_Brouwer_frontier [OF hom] that)
   267       have middle: "open middle" "connected middle" "middle \<noteq> {}"
   268         apply (meson \<open>simple_path c\<close> compact_imp_closed compact_simple_path_image m open_Compl open_components)
   269         using in_components_connected in_components_nonempty m by blast+
   270       obtain a0 b0 where "a0 \<in> path_image c" "b0 \<in> path_image c" "a0 \<noteq> b0"
   271         using simple_path_image_uncountable [OF \<open>simple_path c\<close>]
   272         by (metis Diff_cancel countable_Diff_eq countable_empty insert_iff subsetI subset_singleton_iff)
   273       obtain a b g where ab: "a \<in> path_image c" "b \<in> path_image c" "a \<noteq> b"
   274                      and "arc g" "pathstart g = a" "pathfinish g = b"
   275                      and pag_sub: "path_image g - {a,b} \<subseteq> middle"
   276       proof (rule dense_accessible_frontier_point_pairs [OF \<open>open middle\<close> \<open>connected middle\<close>, of "path_image c \<inter> ball a0 (dist a0 b0)" "path_image c \<inter> ball b0 (dist a0 b0)"])
   277         show "openin (subtopology euclidean (frontier middle)) (path_image c \<inter> ball a0 (dist a0 b0))"
   278              "openin (subtopology euclidean (frontier middle)) (path_image c \<inter> ball b0 (dist a0 b0))"
   279           by (simp_all add: \<open>frontier middle = path_image c\<close> openin_open_Int)
   280         show "path_image c \<inter> ball a0 (dist a0 b0) \<noteq> path_image c \<inter> ball b0 (dist a0 b0)"
   281           using \<open>a0 \<noteq> b0\<close> \<open>b0 \<in> path_image c\<close> by auto
   282         show "path_image c \<inter> ball a0 (dist a0 b0) \<noteq> {}"
   283           using \<open>a0 \<in> path_image c\<close> \<open>a0 \<noteq> b0\<close> by auto
   284         show "path_image c \<inter> ball b0 (dist a0 b0) \<noteq> {}"
   285           using \<open>b0 \<in> path_image c\<close> \<open>a0 \<noteq> b0\<close> by auto
   286       qed (use arc_distinct_ends arc_imp_simple_path simple_path_endless that in fastforce)
   287       obtain u d where "arc u" "arc d"
   288                    and "pathstart u = a" "pathfinish u = b" "pathstart d = b" "pathfinish d = a"
   289                    and ud_ab: "(path_image u) \<inter> (path_image d) = {a,b}"
   290                    and ud_Un: "(path_image u) \<union> (path_image d) = path_image c"
   291         using exists_double_arc [OF assms ab] by blast
   292       obtain x y where "x \<in> inner" "y \<in> outer"
   293         using \<open>inner \<noteq> {}\<close> \<open>outer \<noteq> {}\<close> by auto
   294       have "inner \<inter> middle = {}" "middle \<inter> outer = {}"
   295         using components_nonoverlap inner outer m that by blast+
   296       have "connected_component (- (path_image u \<union> path_image g \<union> (path_image d \<union> path_image g))) x y"
   297       proof (rule Janiszewski)
   298         show "compact (path_image u \<union> path_image g)"
   299           by (simp add: \<open>arc g\<close> \<open>arc u\<close> compact_Un compact_arc_image)
   300         show "closed (path_image d \<union> path_image g)"
   301           by (simp add: \<open>arc d\<close> \<open>arc g\<close> closed_Un closed_arc_image)
   302         show "connected ((path_image u \<union> path_image g) \<inter> (path_image d \<union> path_image g))"
   303           by (metis Un_Diff_cancel \<open>arc g\<close> \<open>path_image u \<inter> path_image d = {a, b}\<close> \<open>pathfinish g = b\<close> \<open>pathstart g = a\<close> connected_arc_image insert_Diff1 pathfinish_in_path_image pathstart_in_path_image sup_bot.right_neutral sup_commute sup_inf_distrib1)
   304         show "connected_component (- (path_image u \<union> path_image g)) x y"
   305           unfolding connected_component_def
   306         proof (intro exI conjI)
   307           have "connected ((inner \<union> (path_image c - path_image u)) \<union> (outer \<union> (path_image c - path_image u)))"
   308           proof (rule connected_Un)
   309             show "connected (inner \<union> (path_image c - path_image u))"
   310               apply (rule connected_intermediate_closure [OF \<open>connected inner\<close>])
   311               using fro_inner [symmetric]  apply (auto simp: closure_subset frontier_def)
   312               done
   313             show "connected (outer \<union> (path_image c - path_image u))"
   314               apply (rule connected_intermediate_closure [OF \<open>connected outer\<close>])
   315               using fro_outer [symmetric]  apply (auto simp: closure_subset frontier_def)
   316               done
   317             have "(inner \<inter> outer) \<union> (path_image c - path_image u) \<noteq> {}"
   318               by (metis \<open>arc d\<close>  ud_ab Diff_Int Diff_cancel Un_Diff \<open>inner \<inter> outer = {}\<close> \<open>pathfinish d = a\<close> \<open>pathstart d = b\<close> arc_simple_path insert_commute nonempty_simple_path_endless sup_bot_left ud_Un)
   319             then show "(inner \<union> (path_image c - path_image u)) \<inter> (outer \<union> (path_image c - path_image u)) \<noteq> {}"
   320               by auto
   321           qed
   322           then show "connected (inner \<union> outer \<union> (path_image c - path_image u))"
   323             by (metis sup.right_idem sup_assoc sup_commute)
   324           have "inner \<subseteq> - path_image u" "outer \<subseteq> - path_image u"
   325             using in_components_subset inner outer ud_Un by auto
   326           moreover have "inner \<subseteq> - path_image g" "outer \<subseteq> - path_image g"
   327             using \<open>inner \<inter> middle = {}\<close> \<open>inner \<subseteq> - path_image u\<close>
   328             using \<open>middle \<inter> outer = {}\<close> \<open>outer \<subseteq> - path_image u\<close> pag_sub ud_ab by fastforce+
   329           moreover have "path_image c - path_image u \<subseteq> - path_image g"
   330             using in_components_subset m pag_sub ud_ab by fastforce
   331           ultimately show "inner \<union> outer \<union> (path_image c - path_image u) \<subseteq> - (path_image u \<union> path_image g)"
   332             by force
   333           show "x \<in> inner \<union> outer \<union> (path_image c - path_image u)"
   334             by (auto simp: \<open>x \<in> inner\<close>)
   335           show "y \<in> inner \<union> outer \<union> (path_image c - path_image u)"
   336             by (auto simp: \<open>y \<in> outer\<close>)
   337         qed
   338         show "connected_component (- (path_image d \<union> path_image g)) x y"
   339           unfolding connected_component_def
   340         proof (intro exI conjI)
   341           have "connected ((inner \<union> (path_image c - path_image d)) \<union> (outer \<union> (path_image c - path_image d)))"
   342           proof (rule connected_Un)
   343             show "connected (inner \<union> (path_image c - path_image d))"
   344               apply (rule connected_intermediate_closure [OF \<open>connected inner\<close>])
   345               using fro_inner [symmetric]  apply (auto simp: closure_subset frontier_def)
   346               done
   347             show "connected (outer \<union> (path_image c - path_image d))"
   348               apply (rule connected_intermediate_closure [OF \<open>connected outer\<close>])
   349               using fro_outer [symmetric]  apply (auto simp: closure_subset frontier_def)
   350               done
   351             have "(inner \<inter> outer) \<union> (path_image c - path_image d) \<noteq> {}"
   352               using \<open>arc u\<close> \<open>pathfinish u = b\<close> \<open>pathstart u = a\<close> arc_imp_simple_path nonempty_simple_path_endless ud_Un ud_ab by fastforce
   353             then show "(inner \<union> (path_image c - path_image d)) \<inter> (outer \<union> (path_image c - path_image d)) \<noteq> {}"
   354               by auto
   355           qed
   356           then show "connected (inner \<union> outer \<union> (path_image c - path_image d))"
   357             by (metis sup.right_idem sup_assoc sup_commute)
   358           have "inner \<subseteq> - path_image d" "outer \<subseteq> - path_image d"
   359             using in_components_subset inner outer ud_Un by auto
   360           moreover have "inner \<subseteq> - path_image g" "outer \<subseteq> - path_image g"
   361             using \<open>inner \<inter> middle = {}\<close> \<open>inner \<subseteq> - path_image d\<close>
   362             using \<open>middle \<inter> outer = {}\<close> \<open>outer \<subseteq> - path_image d\<close> pag_sub ud_ab by fastforce+
   363           moreover have "path_image c - path_image d \<subseteq> - path_image g"
   364             using in_components_subset m pag_sub ud_ab by fastforce
   365           ultimately show "inner \<union> outer \<union> (path_image c - path_image d) \<subseteq> - (path_image d \<union> path_image g)"
   366             by force
   367           show "x \<in> inner \<union> outer \<union> (path_image c - path_image d)"
   368             by (auto simp: \<open>x \<in> inner\<close>)
   369           show "y \<in> inner \<union> outer \<union> (path_image c - path_image d)"
   370             by (auto simp: \<open>y \<in> outer\<close>)
   371         qed
   372       qed
   373       then have "connected_component (- (path_image u \<union> path_image d \<union> path_image g)) x y"
   374         by (simp add: Un_ac)
   375       moreover have "~(connected_component (- (path_image c)) x y)"
   376         by (metis (no_types, lifting) \<open>\<not> bounded outer\<close> \<open>bounded inner\<close> \<open>x \<in> inner\<close> \<open>y \<in> outer\<close> componentsE connected_component_eq inner mem_Collect_eq outer)
   377       ultimately show False
   378         by (auto simp: ud_Un [symmetric] connected_component_def)
   379     qed
   380     then have "components (- path_image c) = {inner,outer}"
   381       using inner outer by blast
   382     then have "Union (components (- path_image c)) = inner \<union> outer"
   383       by simp
   384     then show "inner \<union> outer = - path_image c"
   385       by auto
   386   qed (auto simp: \<open>bounded inner\<close> \<open>\<not> bounded outer\<close>)
   387 qed
   390 corollary Jordan_disconnected:
   391   fixes c :: "real \<Rightarrow> complex"
   392   assumes "simple_path c" "pathfinish c = pathstart c"
   393     shows "\<not> connected(- path_image c)"
   394 using Jordan_curve [OF assms]
   395   by (metis Jordan_Brouwer_separation assms homeomorphic_simple_path_image_circle zero_less_one)
   398 corollary Jordan_inside_outside:
   399   fixes c :: "real \<Rightarrow> complex"
   400   assumes "simple_path c" "pathfinish c = pathstart c"
   401     shows "inside(path_image c) \<noteq> {} \<and>
   402           open(inside(path_image c)) \<and>
   403           connected(inside(path_image c)) \<and>
   404           outside(path_image c) \<noteq> {} \<and>
   405           open(outside(path_image c)) \<and>
   406           connected(outside(path_image c)) \<and>
   407           bounded(inside(path_image c)) \<and>
   408           \<not> bounded(outside(path_image c)) \<and>
   409           inside(path_image c) \<inter> outside(path_image c) = {} \<and>
   410           inside(path_image c) \<union> outside(path_image c) =
   411           - path_image c \<and>
   412           frontier(inside(path_image c)) = path_image c \<and>
   413           frontier(outside(path_image c)) = path_image c"
   414 proof -
   415   obtain inner outer
   416     where *: "inner \<noteq> {}" "open inner" "connected inner"
   417              "outer \<noteq> {}" "open outer" "connected outer"
   418              "bounded inner" "\<not> bounded outer" "inner \<inter> outer = {}"
   419              "inner \<union> outer = - path_image c"
   420              "frontier inner = path_image c"
   421              "frontier outer = path_image c"
   422     using Jordan_curve [OF assms] by blast
   423   then have inner: "inside(path_image c) = inner"
   424     by (metis dual_order.antisym inside_subset interior_eq interior_inside_frontier)
   425   have outer: "outside(path_image c) = outer"
   426     using \<open>inner \<union> outer = - path_image c\<close> \<open>inside (path_image c) = inner\<close>
   427           outside_inside \<open>inner \<inter> outer = {}\<close> by auto
   428   show ?thesis
   429     using * by (auto simp: inner outer)
   430 qed
   432 subsubsection\<open>Triple-curve or "theta-curve" theorem\<close>
   434 text\<open>Proof that there is no fourth component taken from
   435      Kuratowski's Topology vol 2, para 61, II.\<close>
   437 theorem split_inside_simple_closed_curve:
   438   fixes c :: "real \<Rightarrow> complex"
   439   assumes "simple_path c1" and c1: "pathstart c1 = a" "pathfinish c1 = b"
   440       and "simple_path c2" and c2: "pathstart c2 = a" "pathfinish c2 = b"
   441       and "simple_path c"  and c: "pathstart c = a" "pathfinish c = b"
   442       and "a \<noteq> b"
   443       and c1c2: "path_image c1 \<inter> path_image c2 = {a,b}"
   444       and c1c: "path_image c1 \<inter> path_image c = {a,b}"
   445       and c2c: "path_image c2 \<inter> path_image c = {a,b}"
   446       and ne_12: "path_image c \<inter> inside(path_image c1 \<union> path_image c2) \<noteq> {}"
   447   obtains "inside(path_image c1 \<union> path_image c) \<inter> inside(path_image c2 \<union> path_image c) = {}"
   448           "inside(path_image c1 \<union> path_image c) \<union> inside(path_image c2 \<union> path_image c) \<union>
   449            (path_image c - {a,b}) = inside(path_image c1 \<union> path_image c2)"
   450 proof -
   451   let ?\<Theta> = "path_image c"  let ?\<Theta>1 = "path_image c1"  let ?\<Theta>2 = "path_image c2"
   452   have sp: "simple_path (c1 +++ reversepath c2)" "simple_path (c1 +++ reversepath c)" "simple_path (c2 +++ reversepath c)"
   453     using assms by (auto simp: simple_path_join_loop_eq arc_simple_path simple_path_reversepath)
   454   then have op_in12: "open (inside (?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>2))"
   455      and op_out12: "open (outside (?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>2))"
   456      and op_in1c: "open (inside (?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>))"
   457      and op_in2c: "open (inside (?\<Theta>2 \<union> ?\<Theta>))"
   458      and op_out1c: "open (outside (?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>))"
   459      and op_out2c: "open (outside (?\<Theta>2 \<union> ?\<Theta>))"
   460      and co_in1c: "connected (inside (?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>))"
   461      and co_in2c: "connected (inside (?\<Theta>2 \<union> ?\<Theta>))"
   462      and co_out12c: "connected (outside (?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>2))"
   463      and co_out1c: "connected (outside (?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>))"
   464      and co_out2c: "connected (outside (?\<Theta>2 \<union> ?\<Theta>))"
   465      and pa_c: "?\<Theta> - {pathstart c, pathfinish c} \<subseteq> - ?\<Theta>1"
   466                "?\<Theta> - {pathstart c, pathfinish c} \<subseteq> - ?\<Theta>2"
   467      and pa_c1: "?\<Theta>1 - {pathstart c1, pathfinish c1} \<subseteq> - ?\<Theta>2"
   468                 "?\<Theta>1 - {pathstart c1, pathfinish c1} \<subseteq> - ?\<Theta>"
   469      and pa_c2: "?\<Theta>2 - {pathstart c2, pathfinish c2} \<subseteq> - ?\<Theta>1"
   470                 "?\<Theta>2 - {pathstart c2, pathfinish c2} \<subseteq> - ?\<Theta>"
   471      and co_c: "connected(?\<Theta> - {pathstart c,pathfinish c})"
   472      and co_c1: "connected(?\<Theta>1 - {pathstart c1,pathfinish c1})"
   473      and co_c2: "connected(?\<Theta>2 - {pathstart c2,pathfinish c2})"
   474      and fr_in: "frontier(inside(?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>2)) = ?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>2"
   475               "frontier(inside(?\<Theta>2 \<union> ?\<Theta>)) = ?\<Theta>2 \<union> ?\<Theta>"
   476               "frontier(inside(?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>)) = ?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>"
   477      and fr_out: "frontier(outside(?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>2)) = ?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>2"
   478               "frontier(outside(?\<Theta>2 \<union> ?\<Theta>)) = ?\<Theta>2 \<union> ?\<Theta>"
   479               "frontier(outside(?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>)) = ?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>"
   480     using Jordan_inside_outside [of "c1 +++ reversepath c2"]
   481     using Jordan_inside_outside [of "c1 +++ reversepath c"]
   482     using Jordan_inside_outside [of "c2 +++ reversepath c"] assms
   483               apply (simp_all add: path_image_join closed_Un closed_simple_path_image open_inside open_outside)
   484       apply (blast elim: | metis connected_simple_path_endless)+
   485     done
   486   have inout_12: "inside (?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>2) \<inter> (?\<Theta> - {pathstart c, pathfinish c}) \<noteq> {}"
   487     by (metis (no_types, lifting) c c1c ne_12 Diff_Int_distrib Diff_empty Int_empty_right Int_left_commute inf_sup_absorb inf_sup_aci(1) inside_no_overlap)
   488   have pi_disjoint:  "?\<Theta> \<inter> outside(?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>2) = {}"
   489   proof (rule ccontr)
   490     assume "?\<Theta> \<inter> outside (?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>2) \<noteq> {}"
   491     then show False
   492       using connectedD [OF co_c, of "inside(?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>2)" "outside(?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>2)"]
   493       using c c1c2 pa_c op_in12 op_out12 inout_12
   494       apply auto
   495       apply (metis Un_Diff_cancel2 Un_iff compl_sup disjoint_insert(1) inf_commute inf_compl_bot_left2 inside_Un_outside mk_disjoint_insert sup_inf_absorb)
   496       done
   497   qed
   498   have out_sub12: "outside(?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>2) \<subseteq> outside(?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>)" "outside(?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>2) \<subseteq> outside(?\<Theta>2 \<union> ?\<Theta>)"
   499     by (metis Un_commute pi_disjoint outside_Un_outside_Un)+
   500   have pa1_disj_in2: "?\<Theta>1 \<inter> inside (?\<Theta>2 \<union> ?\<Theta>) = {}"
   501   proof (rule ccontr)
   502     assume ne: "?\<Theta>1 \<inter> inside (?\<Theta>2 \<union> ?\<Theta>) \<noteq> {}"
   503     have 1: "inside (?\<Theta> \<union> ?\<Theta>2) \<inter> ?\<Theta> = {}"
   504       by (metis (no_types) Diff_Int_distrib Diff_cancel inf_sup_absorb inf_sup_aci(3) inside_no_overlap)
   505     have 2: "outside (?\<Theta> \<union> ?\<Theta>2) \<inter> ?\<Theta> = {}"
   506       by (metis (no_types) Int_empty_right Int_left_commute inf_sup_absorb outside_no_overlap)
   507     have "outside (?\<Theta>2 \<union> ?\<Theta>) \<subseteq> outside (?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>2)"
   508       apply (subst Un_commute, rule outside_Un_outside_Un)
   509       using connectedD [OF co_c1, of "inside(?\<Theta>2 \<union> ?\<Theta>)" "outside(?\<Theta>2 \<union> ?\<Theta>)"]
   510         pa_c1 op_in2c op_out2c ne c1 c2c 1 2 by (auto simp: inf_sup_aci)
   511     with out_sub12
   512     have "outside(?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>2) = outside(?\<Theta>2 \<union> ?\<Theta>)" by blast
   513     then have "frontier(outside(?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>2)) = frontier(outside(?\<Theta>2 \<union> ?\<Theta>))"
   514       by simp
   515     then show False
   516       using inout_12 pi_disjoint c c1c c2c fr_out by auto
   517   qed
   518   have pa2_disj_in1: "?\<Theta>2 \<inter> inside(?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>) = {}"
   519   proof (rule ccontr)
   520     assume ne: "?\<Theta>2 \<inter> inside (?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>) \<noteq> {}"
   521     have 1: "inside (?\<Theta> \<union> ?\<Theta>1) \<inter> ?\<Theta> = {}"
   522       by (metis (no_types) Diff_Int_distrib Diff_cancel inf_sup_absorb inf_sup_aci(3) inside_no_overlap)
   523     have 2: "outside (?\<Theta> \<union> ?\<Theta>1) \<inter> ?\<Theta> = {}"
   524       by (metis (no_types) Int_empty_right Int_left_commute inf_sup_absorb outside_no_overlap)
   525     have "outside (?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>) \<subseteq> outside (?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>2)"
   526       apply (rule outside_Un_outside_Un)
   527       using connectedD [OF co_c2, of "inside(?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>)" "outside(?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>)"]
   528         pa_c2 op_in1c op_out1c ne c2 c1c 1 2 by (auto simp: inf_sup_aci)
   529     with out_sub12
   530     have "outside(?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>2) = outside(?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>)"
   531       by blast
   532     then have "frontier(outside(?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>2)) = frontier(outside(?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>))"
   533       by simp
   534     then show False
   535       using inout_12 pi_disjoint c c1c c2c fr_out by auto
   536   qed
   537   have in_sub_in1: "inside(?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>) \<subseteq> inside(?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>2)"
   538     using pa2_disj_in1 out_sub12 by (auto simp: inside_outside)
   539   have in_sub_in2: "inside(?\<Theta>2 \<union> ?\<Theta>) \<subseteq> inside(?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>2)"
   540     using pa1_disj_in2 out_sub12 by (auto simp: inside_outside)
   541   have in_sub_out12: "inside(?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>) \<subseteq> outside(?\<Theta>2 \<union> ?\<Theta>)"
   542   proof
   543     fix x
   544     assume x: "x \<in> inside (?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>)"
   545     then have xnot: "x \<notin> ?\<Theta>"
   546       by (simp add: inside_def)
   547     obtain z where zim: "z \<in> ?\<Theta>1" and zout: "z \<in> outside(?\<Theta>2 \<union> ?\<Theta>)"
   548       apply (auto simp: outside_inside)
   549       using nonempty_simple_path_endless [OF \<open>simple_path c1\<close>]
   550       by (metis Diff_Diff_Int Diff_iff ex_in_conv c1 c1c c1c2 pa1_disj_in2)
   551     obtain e where "e > 0" and e: "ball z e \<subseteq> outside(?\<Theta>2 \<union> ?\<Theta>)"
   552       using zout op_out2c open_contains_ball_eq by blast
   553     have "z \<in> frontier (inside (?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>))"
   554       using zim by (auto simp: fr_in)
   555     then obtain w where w1: "w \<in> inside (?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>)" and dwz: "dist w z < e"
   556       using zim \<open>e > 0\<close> by (auto simp: frontier_def closure_approachable)
   557     then have w2: "w \<in> outside (?\<Theta>2 \<union> ?\<Theta>)"
   558       by (metis e dist_commute mem_ball subsetCE)
   559     then have "connected_component (- ?\<Theta>2 \<inter> - ?\<Theta>) z w"
   560       apply (simp add: connected_component_def)
   561       apply (rule_tac x = "outside(?\<Theta>2 \<union> ?\<Theta>)" in exI)
   562       using zout apply (auto simp: co_out2c)
   563        apply (simp_all add: outside_inside)
   564       done
   565     moreover have "connected_component (- ?\<Theta>2 \<inter> - ?\<Theta>) w x"
   566       unfolding connected_component_def
   567       using pa2_disj_in1 co_in1c x w1 union_with_outside by fastforce
   568     ultimately have eq: "connected_component_set (- ?\<Theta>2 \<inter> - ?\<Theta>) x =
   569                          connected_component_set (- ?\<Theta>2 \<inter> - ?\<Theta>) z"
   570       by (metis (mono_tags, lifting) connected_component_eq mem_Collect_eq)
   571     show "x \<in> outside (?\<Theta>2 \<union> ?\<Theta>)"
   572       using zout x pa2_disj_in1 by (auto simp: outside_def eq xnot)
   573   qed
   574   have in_sub_out21: "inside(?\<Theta>2 \<union> ?\<Theta>) \<subseteq> outside(?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>)"
   575   proof
   576     fix x
   577     assume x: "x \<in> inside (?\<Theta>2 \<union> ?\<Theta>)"
   578     then have xnot: "x \<notin> ?\<Theta>"
   579       by (simp add: inside_def)
   580     obtain z where zim: "z \<in> ?\<Theta>2" and zout: "z \<in> outside(?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>)"
   581       apply (auto simp: outside_inside)
   582       using nonempty_simple_path_endless [OF \<open>simple_path c2\<close>]
   583       by (metis (no_types, hide_lams) Diff_Diff_Int Diff_iff c1c2 c2 c2c ex_in_conv pa2_disj_in1)
   584     obtain e where "e > 0" and e: "ball z e \<subseteq> outside(?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>)"
   585       using zout op_out1c open_contains_ball_eq by blast
   586     have "z \<in> frontier (inside (?\<Theta>2 \<union> ?\<Theta>))"
   587       using zim by (auto simp: fr_in)
   588     then obtain w where w2: "w \<in> inside (?\<Theta>2 \<union> ?\<Theta>)" and dwz: "dist w z < e"
   589       using zim \<open>e > 0\<close> by (auto simp: frontier_def closure_approachable)
   590     then have w1: "w \<in> outside (?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>)"
   591       by (metis e dist_commute mem_ball subsetCE)
   592     then have "connected_component (- ?\<Theta>1 \<inter> - ?\<Theta>) z w"
   593       apply (simp add: connected_component_def)
   594       apply (rule_tac x = "outside(?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>)" in exI)
   595       using zout apply (auto simp: co_out1c)
   596        apply (simp_all add: outside_inside)
   597       done
   598     moreover have "connected_component (- ?\<Theta>1 \<inter> - ?\<Theta>) w x"
   599       unfolding connected_component_def
   600       using pa1_disj_in2 co_in2c x w2 union_with_outside by fastforce
   601     ultimately have eq: "connected_component_set (- ?\<Theta>1 \<inter> - ?\<Theta>) x =
   602                            connected_component_set (- ?\<Theta>1 \<inter> - ?\<Theta>) z"
   603       by (metis (no_types, lifting) connected_component_eq mem_Collect_eq)
   604     show "x \<in> outside (?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>)"
   605       using zout x pa1_disj_in2 by (auto simp: outside_def eq xnot)
   606   qed
   607   show ?thesis
   608   proof
   609     show "inside (?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>) \<inter> inside (?\<Theta>2 \<union> ?\<Theta>) = {}"
   610       by (metis Int_Un_distrib in_sub_out12 bot_eq_sup_iff disjoint_eq_subset_Compl outside_inside)
   611     have *: "outside (?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>) \<inter> outside (?\<Theta>2 \<union> ?\<Theta>) \<subseteq> outside (?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>2)"
   612     proof (rule components_maximal)
   613       show out_in: "outside (?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>2) \<in> components (- (?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>2))"
   614         apply (simp only: outside_in_components co_out12c)
   615         by (metis bounded_empty fr_out(1) frontier_empty unbounded_outside)
   616       have conn_U: "connected (- (closure (inside (?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>)) \<union> closure (inside (?\<Theta>2 \<union> ?\<Theta>))))"
   617       proof (rule Janiszewski_connected, simp_all)
   618         show "bounded (inside (?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>))"
   619           by (simp add: \<open>simple_path c1\<close> \<open>simple_path c\<close> bounded_inside bounded_simple_path_image)
   620         have if1: "- (inside (?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>) \<union> frontier (inside (?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>))) = - ?\<Theta>1 \<inter> - ?\<Theta> \<inter> - inside (?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>)"
   621           by (metis (no_types, lifting) Int_commute Jordan_inside_outside c c1 compl_sup path_image_join path_image_reversepath pathfinish_join pathfinish_reversepath pathstart_join pathstart_reversepath sp(2) closure_Un_frontier fr_out(3))
   622         then show "connected (- closure (inside (?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>)))"
   623           by (metis Compl_Un outside_inside co_out1c closure_Un_frontier)
   624         have if2: "- (inside (?\<Theta>2 \<union> ?\<Theta>) \<union> frontier (inside (?\<Theta>2 \<union> ?\<Theta>))) = - ?\<Theta>2 \<inter> - ?\<Theta> \<inter> - inside (?\<Theta>2 \<union> ?\<Theta>)"
   625           by (metis (no_types, lifting) Int_commute Jordan_inside_outside c c2 compl_sup path_image_join path_image_reversepath pathfinish_join pathfinish_reversepath pathstart_join pathstart_reversepath sp closure_Un_frontier fr_out(2))
   626         then show "connected (- closure (inside (?\<Theta>2 \<union> ?\<Theta>)))"
   627           by (metis Compl_Un outside_inside co_out2c closure_Un_frontier)
   628         have "connected(?\<Theta>)"
   629           by (metis \<open>simple_path c\<close> connected_simple_path_image)
   630         moreover
   631         have "closure (inside (?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>)) \<inter> closure (inside (?\<Theta>2 \<union> ?\<Theta>)) = ?\<Theta>"
   632           (is "?lhs = ?rhs")
   633         proof
   634           show "?lhs \<subseteq> ?rhs"
   635           proof clarify
   636             fix x
   637             assume x: "x \<in> closure (inside (?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>))" "x \<in> closure (inside (?\<Theta>2 \<union> ?\<Theta>))"
   638             then have "x \<notin> inside (?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>)"
   639               by (meson closure_iff_nhds_not_empty in_sub_out12 inside_Int_outside op_in1c)
   640             with fr_in x show "x \<in> ?\<Theta>"
   641               by (metis c1c c1c2 closure_Un_frontier pa1_disj_in2 Int_iff Un_iff insert_disjoint(2) insert_subset subsetI subset_antisym)
   642           qed
   643           show "?rhs \<subseteq> ?lhs"
   644             using if1 if2 closure_Un_frontier by fastforce
   645         qed
   646         ultimately
   647         show "connected (closure (inside (?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>)) \<inter> closure (inside (?\<Theta>2 \<union> ?\<Theta>)))"
   648           by auto
   649       qed
   650       show "connected (outside (?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>) \<inter> outside (?\<Theta>2 \<union> ?\<Theta>))"
   651         using fr_in conn_U  by (simp add: closure_Un_frontier outside_inside Un_commute)
   652       show "outside (?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>) \<inter> outside (?\<Theta>2 \<union> ?\<Theta>) \<subseteq> - (?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>2)"
   653         by clarify (metis Diff_Compl Diff_iff Un_iff inf_sup_absorb outside_inside)
   654       show "outside (?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>2) \<inter>
   655             (outside (?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>) \<inter> outside (?\<Theta>2 \<union> ?\<Theta>)) \<noteq> {}"
   656         by (metis Int_assoc out_in inf.orderE out_sub12(1) out_sub12(2) outside_in_components)
   657     qed
   658     show "inside (?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>) \<union> inside (?\<Theta>2 \<union> ?\<Theta>) \<union> (?\<Theta> - {a, b}) = inside (?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>2)"
   659       (is "?lhs = ?rhs")
   660     proof
   661       show "?lhs \<subseteq> ?rhs"
   662         apply (simp add: in_sub_in1 in_sub_in2)
   663         using c1c c2c inside_outside pi_disjoint by fastforce
   664       have "inside (?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>2) \<subseteq> inside (?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>) \<union> inside (?\<Theta>2 \<union> ?\<Theta>) \<union> (?\<Theta>)"
   665         using Compl_anti_mono [OF *] by (force simp: inside_outside)
   666       moreover have "inside (?\<Theta>1 \<union> ?\<Theta>2) \<subseteq> -{a,b}"
   667         using c1 union_with_outside by fastforce
   668       ultimately show "?rhs \<subseteq> ?lhs" by auto
   669     qed
   670   qed
   671 qed
   673 end