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- Eliminated nodup_vars check.
- Unification and matching functions now check types of term variables / sorts
of type variables when applying a substitution.
- Thm.instantiate now takes (ctyp * ctyp) list instead of (indexname * ctyp) list
as argument, to allow for proper instantiation of theorems containing
type variables with same name but different sorts.
     2                         Pure: The Pure Isabelle System
     5 This directory contains the ML source files for Pure Isabelle, which
     6 is the basis for all object-logics:
     8   IsaMakefile	compiles the Pure system (use isatool make)
     9   ML-Systems/   compatibility files for various ML systems
    10   General/	general tools
    11   Syntax/     	the syntax module
    12   Thy/          the theory file parser (old format) and loader
    13   Isar/		Intelligible Semi-Automated Reasoning subsystem
    14   ./		the actual meta logic implementation (see ROOT.ML)
    16 Isabelle programmers may want to have a look at the generic modules
    17 Library (see library.ML) and those in General/ (see General/README).