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<H2>ex--Miscellaneous Examples</H2>

<P>This directory presents a number of small examples, illustrating various
features of Isabelle/HOL.

<LI>Files <KBD>cla.ML</KBD> demonstrates the
power of Isabelle's classical reasoner.

<LI>Files <KBD>meson.ML</KBD> and <KBD>mesontest.ML</KBD> present an
implementation of the Model Elimination (ME) proof procedure, which is even
more powerful than the classical reasoner but not generic.

<LI><KBD>InSort</KBD> and <KBD>Qsort</KBD> are correctness proofs for sorting

<LI><KBD>Primes</KBD> is a theory of the <EM>divides</EM> relation, the
greatest common divisor and Euclid's algorithm.

<LI><KBD>Fib</KBD> proves some theorems (some rather difficult) about the
Fibonacci function.

<LI><KBD>Tarski</KBD> is a proof of Tarski's fixedpoint theorem: the full
version, which states that the fixedpoints of a complete lattice themselves
form a complete lattice.  The example demonstrates first-class reasoning about theories.

<LI><KBD>NatSum</KBD> demonstrates the power of permutative rewriting.
Well-known identities about summations are proved using just induction and

<LI><KBD>MT</KBD> is a preliminary version of Jacob Frost's coinduction
example.  The full version is on the directory <KBD>ZF/Coind</KBD>.

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