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\title{\includegraphics[scale=0.5]{isabelle} \\[4ex] The Isabelle Reference Manual}

\author{{\em Lawrence C. Paulson}\\
        Computer Laboratory \\ University of Cambridge \\
        With Contributions by Tobias Nipkow and Markus Wenzel}  


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\index{definitions|see{rewriting, meta-level}}

\emph{Note}: this document is part of the earlier Isabelle documentation, 
which is somewhat superseded by the Isabelle/HOL
\emph{Tutorial}~\cite{isa-tutorial}. Much of it is concerned with 
the old-style theory syntax and the primitives for conducting proofs 
using the ML top level. This style of interaction is largely obsolete:
most Isabelle proofs are now written using the Isar 
language and the Proof General interface. However, this is the only
comprehensive Isabelle reference manual.  

See also the \emph{Introduction to Isabelle}, which has tutorial examples
on conducting proofs using the ML top-level.

Tobias Nipkow, of T. U. Munich, wrote most of
  Chapters~\protect\ref{Defining-Logics} and~\protect\ref{chap:simplification},
  and part of
  Chapter~\protect\ref{theories}.  Carsten Clasohm also contributed to
  Chapter~\protect\ref{theories}.  Markus Wenzel contributed to
  Chapter~\protect\ref{chap:syntax}.  Jeremy Dawson, Sara Kalvala, Martin
  Simons  and others suggested changes
  and corrections.  The research has been funded by the EPSRC (grants
  GR/G53279, GR/H40570, GR/K57381, GR/K77051, GR/M75440) and by ESPRIT
  (projects 3245: Logical Frameworks, and 6453: Types), and by the DFG
  Schwerpunktprogramm \emph{Deduktion}.

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