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uniform treatment of all document markup commands: 'text' and 'txt' merely differ in LaTeX style;
discontinued obsolete 'txt_raw' (superseded by 'text_raw');
eliminated obsolete Outer_Syntax.markup (superseded by keyword kinds);
'text' and 'txt' no longer appear in Sidekick tree due to change of keyword kind;
changed tagging of diagnostic commands within proof;
     1 %%
     2 %% default hyperref setup (both for pdf and dvi output)
     3 %%
     5 \usepackage{color}
     6 \definecolor{linkcolor}{rgb}{0,0,0.5}
     7 \usepackage[colorlinks=true,linkcolor=linkcolor,citecolor=linkcolor,filecolor=linkcolor,pagecolor=linkcolor,urlcolor=linkcolor]{hyperref}