2002-05-22 paulson 2002-05-22 tidying up
2002-05-21 paulson 2002-05-21 conversion of OrdQuant.ML to Isar
2002-05-21 paulson 2002-05-21 converted domrange to Isar and merged with equalities
2002-05-20 paulson 2002-05-20 conversion of equalities and WF to Isar
1997-01-03 paulson 1997-01-03 Implicit simpsets and clasets for FOL and ZF
1994-08-15 lcp 1994-08-15 ZF/equalities/Sigma_cons: new ZF/equalities/cons_eq: new ZF/equalities.thy: added final newline
1993-11-16 clasohm 1993-11-16 made pseudo theories for all ML files; documented dependencies between all thy and ML files