2009-06-24 nipkow 2009-06-24 corrected and unified thm names
2009-05-29 huffman 2009-05-29 generalize constants from Lim.thy to class metric_space
2009-05-27 huffman 2009-05-27 add constants sin_coeff, cos_coeff
2009-05-14 nipkow 2009-05-14 Cleaned up Parity a little
2009-04-28 haftmann 2009-04-28 stripped class recpower further
2009-03-04 huffman 2009-03-04 declare power_Suc [simp]; remove redundant type-specific versions of power_Suc
2009-02-24 huffman 2009-02-24 make more proofs work whether or not One_nat_def is a simp rule
2009-02-05 hoelzl 2009-02-05 Added derivation lemmas for power series and theorems for the pi, arcus tangens and logarithm series
2009-01-30 chaieb 2009-01-30 Added real related theorems from Fact.thy
2009-01-28 nipkow 2009-01-28 Replaced group_ and ring_simps by algebra_simps; removed compare_rls - use algebra_simps now
2008-12-24 huffman 2008-12-24 clean up lemmas about ln
2008-12-24 huffman 2008-12-24 clean up lemmas about exp
2008-12-24 huffman 2008-12-24 rearranged subsections; cleaned up some proofs
2008-12-24 huffman 2008-12-24 move theorems about limits from Transcendental.thy to Deriv.thy
2008-12-24 huffman 2008-12-24 cleaned up some proofs; removed redundant simp rules
2008-12-23 huffman 2008-12-23 move sin and cos to their own subsection
2008-12-23 huffman 2008-12-23 clean up some proofs; remove unused lemmas
2008-12-03 haftmann 2008-12-03 made repository layout more coherent with logical distribution structure; stripped some $Id$s