2010-10-06 huffman 2010-10-06 major reorganization/simplification of HOLCF type classes: removed profinite/bifinite classes and approx function; universal domain uses approx_chain locale instead of bifinite class; ideal_completion locale does not use 'take' functions, requires countable basis instead; replaced type 'udom alg_defl' with type 'sfp'; replaced class 'rep' with class 'sfp'; renamed REP('a) to SFP('a);
2010-09-30 huffman 2010-09-30 rename cont2cont_split to cont2cont_prod_case; add lemmas prod_contI, prod_cont_iff; simplify some proofs
2010-07-01 haftmann 2010-07-01 "prod" and "sum" replace "*" and "+" respectively
2010-05-24 huffman 2010-05-24 move HOLCF/Sum_Cpo.thy to HOLCF/Library