2005-10-07 paulson 2005-10-07 more tidying. Fixed process management bugs and race condition
2005-10-06 paulson 2005-10-06 major simplification: removal of the goalstring argument
2005-10-04 paulson 2005-10-04 fixed the ascii-armouring of goalstring
2005-09-29 paulson 2005-09-29 reduction in tracing files
2005-09-28 paulson 2005-09-28 time limit option; fixed bug concerning first line of ATP output
2005-09-22 paulson 2005-09-22 removal of "sleep" to stop looping in Poly/ML, and replacement of funny codes by tracing statements
2005-09-21 paulson 2005-09-21 improved proof parsing
2005-09-20 paulson 2005-09-20 tidying, and support for axclass/classrel clauses
2005-09-19 paulson 2005-09-19 further simplification of the Isabelle-ATP linkup
2005-09-19 paulson 2005-09-19 simplification of the Isabelle-ATP code; hooks for batch generation of problems