2005-09-08 paulson 2005-09-08 yet more tidying of Isabelle-ATP link
2005-06-21 paulson 2005-06-21 VAMPIRE_HOME, helper_path and various stylistic tweaks
2005-05-31 paulson 2005-05-31 minor tidying and sml/nj compatibility
2005-05-24 paulson 2005-05-24 A new structure and reduced indentation
2005-05-03 quigley 2005-05-03 Replaced reference to SPASS with general one - set SPASS_HOME in settings file. Rewrote res_clasimpset.ML. Now produces an array of (thm, clause) in addition to writing out clasimpset as tptp strings. C.Q.
2005-04-21 paulson 2005-04-21 added hearder lines and deleted some redundant material
2005-04-19 paulson 2005-04-19 more tidying of libraries in Reconstruction
2005-04-15 paulson 2005-04-15 yet more tidying up: removal of some references to Main
2005-04-13 paulson 2005-04-13 new signalling primmitives for sml/nj compatibility
2005-04-12 paulson 2005-04-12 tweaks mainly to achieve sml/nj compatibility
2005-04-11 paulson 2005-04-11 removal of Main and other tidying up
2005-04-08 paulson 2005-04-08 Reconstruction code, now packaged to avoid name clashes
2005-03-31 quigley 2005-03-31 *** empty log message ***