21 months ago blanchet 2017-08-29 towards support for HO SMT-LIB
2016-11-04 blanchet 2016-11-04 disable CVC4 statistics, and hence crashes upon user interruptions
2016-05-20 fleury 2016-05-20 better handling of veriT's 'unknown' status
2015-11-10 fleury 2015-11-10 fixing premises in veriT proof reconstruction
2015-11-05 fleury 2015-11-05 updating options to verit
2015-04-25 blanchet 2015-04-25 made CVC4 support work also without unsat cores
2015-04-08 blanchet 2015-04-08 updated SMT module and Sledgehammer to fully open source Z3
2014-11-24 blanchet 2014-11-24 renamed 'veriT' to 'verit', to stick to all-lowercase rule for prover names
2014-11-19 blanchet 2014-11-19 parse CVC4 unsat cores
2014-09-30 blanchet 2014-09-30 give more facts to veriT -- it seems to be able to cope with them
2014-09-30 blanchet 2014-09-30 tuning
2014-09-17 blanchet 2014-09-17 added interface for CVC4 extensions
2014-08-28 blanchet 2014-08-28 renamed new SMT module from 'SMT2' to 'SMT'