2012-04-24 sultana 2012-04-24 reversed Tools to Actions Mirabelle renaming;
2012-04-24 blanchet 2012-04-24 reintroduce file offsets in Mirabelle output, but make sure they are not influenced by the length of the path
2012-04-24 blanchet 2012-04-24 run Mirabelle in quick and dirty mode
2012-04-14 sultana 2012-04-14 renamed mirabelle Tools directory to Actions, to make consistent with 'usage' description;
2012-03-07 sultana 2012-03-07 added Mirabelle action info in its log file; tuned;
2011-03-23 boehmes 2011-03-23 really be quiet
2011-03-21 krauss 2011-03-21 fixed perl error
2011-03-21 krauss 2011-03-21 eliminated unnecessary generated ROOT.ML
2011-03-21 krauss 2011-03-21 propagate mirabelle failures properly; flatten obscure return code semantics of Perl system command to 0/1
2011-03-21 krauss 2011-03-21 mirabelle: create modified theory file in original location, to ensure that its dependencies can be found (cf. aa8dce9ab8a9)
2010-12-21 blanchet 2010-12-21 better parsing of options, in case the value has '='
2010-08-30 blanchet 2010-08-30 execute actions in same order as specified on command line
2010-08-30 blanchet 2010-08-30 deal with duplicates
2010-06-10 krauss 2010-06-10 Adapted Mirabelle script (cf. f60e4dd6d76f)
2009-09-05 boehmes 2009-09-05 Mirabelle: command-line action options may either be key=value or just key
2009-09-05 boehmes 2009-09-05 added initialization and cleanup of actions, added option to suppress Isabelle output, sledgehammer action produces its own report (no need for additional perl script)
2009-09-02 boehmes 2009-09-02 Mirabelle: actions are responsible for handling exceptions, Mirabelle core logs only structural information, measuring running times for sledgehammer and subsequent metis invocation, Mirabelle produces reports for every theory (only for sledgehammer at the moment)
2009-09-02 boehmes 2009-09-02 moved Mirabelle from HOL/Tools to HOL, added session HOL-Mirabelle