1998-08-13 paulson 1998-08-13 Constrains, Stable, Invariant...more of the substitution axiom, but Union does not work well with them
1998-08-06 paulson 1998-08-06 A higher-level treatment of LeadsTo, minimizing use of "reachable"
1998-08-05 paulson 1998-08-05 New record type of programs
1998-08-04 paulson 1998-08-04 Constant "invariant" and new constrains_tac, ensures_tac
1998-07-02 paulson 1998-07-02 Uncurried functions LeadsTo and reach Deleted leading parameters thanks to new Goal command
1998-06-22 wenzelm 1998-06-22 isatool fixgoal;
1998-04-03 paulson 1998-04-03 New UNITY theory