2005-06-08 huffman 2005-06-08 major cleanup: rewrote cpo proofs, removed obsolete lemmas, renamed some lemmas
2005-06-03 huffman 2005-06-03 changed to use new contlubI, etc.
2005-05-25 wenzelm 2005-05-25 removed LICENCE note -- everything is subject to Isabelle licence as stated in COPYRIGHT file;
2005-03-10 huffman 2005-03-10 instance u :: (cpo) pcpo -- argument type no longer needs to be pointed
2005-03-08 huffman 2005-03-08 reordered and arranged for document generation, cleaned up some proofs
2005-03-04 huffman 2005-03-04 fix headers
2005-03-04 huffman 2005-03-04 converted to new-style theories, and combined numbered files