2002-07-29 wenzelm 2002-07-29 tuned;
2002-07-29 wenzelm 2002-07-29 eliminate open locales and special ML code;
2002-07-17 paulson 2002-07-17 Expressing Lset and L without using length and arity; simplifies Separation proofs
2002-07-16 paulson 2002-07-16 instantiation of locales M_trancl and M_wfrank; proofs of list_replacement{1,2}
2002-07-12 paulson 2002-07-12 new definitions of fun_apply and M_is_recfun
2002-07-11 paulson 2002-07-11 tidied
2002-07-10 paulson 2002-07-10 Fixed quantified variable name preservation for ball and bex (bounded quants) Requires tweaking of other scripts. Also routine tidying.
2002-07-09 paulson 2002-07-09 more and simpler separation proofs
2002-07-09 paulson 2002-07-09 More relativization, reflection and proofs of separation
2002-07-09 paulson 2002-07-09 More Separation proofs
2002-07-08 paulson 2002-07-08 more and simpler separation proofs
2002-07-08 paulson 2002-07-08 Defining a meta-existential quantifier. Using it to streamline reflection proofs.
2002-07-05 paulson 2002-07-05 more internalized formulas and separation proofs