2014-11-02 wenzelm 2014-11-02 modernized header;
2014-08-05 wenzelm 2014-08-05 tuned proofs -- fewer warnings;
2014-07-04 haftmann 2014-07-04 reduced name variants for assoc and commute on plus and mult
2014-06-30 hoelzl 2014-06-30 import more stuff from the CLT proof; base the lborel measure on interval_measure; remove lebesgue measure
2014-06-16 hoelzl 2014-06-16 add more derivative and continuity rules for complex-values functions
2014-04-11 nipkow 2014-04-11 made divide_pos_pos a simp rule
2014-04-06 nipkow 2014-04-06 tuned lemmas: more general class
2014-04-03 hoelzl 2014-04-03 merged DERIV_intros, has_derivative_intros into derivative_intros
2014-04-02 hoelzl 2014-04-02 extend continuous_intros; remove continuous_on_intros and isCont_intros
2014-04-02 hoelzl 2014-04-02 reorder Complex_Analysis_Basics; rename DD to deriv
2014-04-02 hoelzl 2014-04-02 moved generic theorems from Complex_Analysis_Basic; fixed some theorem names
2014-03-31 hoelzl 2014-03-31 tuned proofs
2014-03-28 huffman 2014-03-28 tuned proofs
2014-03-24 huffman 2014-03-24 generalized theorems about derivatives of limits of sequences of funtions
2014-03-20 huffman 2014-03-20 tuned proofs
2014-03-24 paulson 2014-03-24 rearranging some deriv theorems
2014-03-20 huffman 2014-03-20 generalize more theorems
2014-03-20 huffman 2014-03-20 generalize some theorems
2014-03-19 huffman 2014-03-19 generalize theory of operator norms to work with class real_normed_vector
2014-03-19 paulson 2014-03-19 Some rationalisation of basic lemmas
2014-03-18 huffman 2014-03-18 remove unnecessary finiteness assumptions from lemmas about setsum
2014-03-18 hoelzl 2014-03-18 cleanup Series: sorted according to typeclass hierarchy, use {..<_} instead of {0..<_}
2014-03-18 immler 2014-03-18 use cbox to relax class constraints
2014-03-17 hoelzl 2014-03-17 remove sums_seq, it is not used
2014-03-17 hoelzl 2014-03-17 update syntax of has_*derivative to infix 50; fixed proofs
2014-03-17 hoelzl 2014-03-17 unify syntax for has_derivative and differentiable
2014-03-14 huffman 2014-03-14 add lemmas about nhds filter; tuned proof
2014-03-14 huffman 2014-03-14 remove unused lemma which was a direct consequence of tendsto_intros
2014-03-14 huffman 2014-03-14 generalization of differential_zero_maxmin to class real_normed_vector
2014-03-13 huffman 2014-03-13 remove ordered_euclidean_space constraint from brouwer/derivative lemmas; add constant unit_cube for class euclidean_space
2014-03-07 paulson 2014-03-07 Some new proofs. Tidying up, esp to remove "apply rule".
2014-02-21 wenzelm 2014-02-21 tuned proofs;
2013-12-16 immler 2013-12-16 prefer box over greaterThanLessThan on euclidean_space
2013-11-01 haftmann 2013-11-01 more simplification rules on unary and binary minus
2013-09-23 wenzelm 2013-09-23 proper text for document preparation;
2013-09-21 wenzelm 2013-09-21 tuned proofs;
2013-09-12 huffman 2013-09-12 make 'linear' into a sublocale of 'bounded_linear'; replace 'linear_def' with 'linear_iff'
2013-09-03 wenzelm 2013-09-03 tuned proofs -- clarified flow of facts wrt. calculation;
2013-08-18 wenzelm 2013-08-18 more symbols;
2013-04-22 immler 2013-04-22 removed type constraints
2013-04-09 hoelzl 2013-04-09 move FrechetDeriv from the Library to HOL/Deriv; base DERIV on FDERIV and both derivatives allow a restricted support set; FDERIV is now an abbreviation of has_derivative
2013-04-09 hoelzl 2013-04-09 remove the within-filter, replace "at" by "at _ within UNIV" (This allows to remove a couple of redundant lemmas)
2013-03-22 hoelzl 2013-03-22 move continuous and continuous_on to the HOL image; isCont is an abbreviation for continuous (at x) (isCont is now restricted to a T2 space)
2013-03-06 hoelzl 2013-03-06 changed has_derivative_intros into a named theorems collection
2013-01-17 hoelzl 2013-01-17 replace convergent_imp_cauchy by LIMSEQ_imp_Cauchy
2012-12-14 hoelzl 2012-12-14 Remove the indexed basis from the definition of euclidean spaces and only use the set of Basis vectors
2012-12-07 hoelzl 2012-12-07 fundamental theorem of calculus for the Lebesgue integral
2012-03-13 wenzelm 2012-03-13 tuned proofs -- eliminated pointless chaining of facts after 'interpret';
2011-11-20 wenzelm 2011-11-20 eliminated obsolete "standard";
2011-09-20 huffman 2011-09-20 add lemmas within_empty and tendsto_bot; declare within_UNIV [simp]; tuned some proofs;
2011-09-12 huffman 2011-09-12 remove redundant lemma Lim_sequentially in favor of lemma LIMSEQ_def
2011-09-12 nipkow 2011-09-12 new fastforce replacing fastsimp - less confusing name
2011-09-01 huffman 2011-09-01 modernize lemmas about 'continuous' and 'continuous_on'; improve automation of continuity proofs;
2011-08-28 huffman 2011-08-28 discontinue many legacy theorems about LIM and LIMSEQ, in favor of tendsto theorems
2011-08-25 huffman 2011-08-25 replace some continuous_on lemmas with more general versions
2011-08-23 huffman 2011-08-23 declare euclidean_simps [simp] at the point they are proved; avoid duplicate rule warnings;
2011-08-18 huffman 2011-08-18 remove bounded_(bi)linear locale interpretations, to avoid duplicating so many lemmas
2011-08-10 huffman 2011-08-10 remove several redundant and unused theorems about derivatives
2011-08-10 huffman 2011-08-10 simplify some proofs
2011-08-09 huffman 2011-08-09 mark some redundant theorems as legacy