2010-09-22 wenzelm 2010-09-22 renamed setmp_noncritical to Unsynchronized.setmp to emphasize its meaning;
2010-06-22 blanchet 2010-06-22 make the Nitpick_Example theory processable even when Kodkodi is not installed; so that at least the "theory" aspects of it (as opposed to the diagnosis offered by Nitpick) are checked on everybody's machines
2009-11-17 blanchet 2009-11-17 removed "debug := true" that shouldn't have been submitted in the first place
2009-11-17 blanchet 2009-11-17 run Nitpick examples if Kodkodi is available
2009-10-23 blanchet 2009-10-23 continuation of Nitpick's integration into Isabelle; added examples, and integrated non-Main theories better.