2000-09-05 wenzelm 2000-09-05 tuned;
1999-04-23 paulson 1999-04-23 Now for recdefs that omit the WF relation; removed the separation between draft and theory modes
1997-06-23 paulson 1997-06-23 Removal of COND_CONG, which is just if_cong RS eq_reflection
1997-05-22 paulson 1997-05-22 New headers and other minor changes
1997-05-21 paulson 1997-05-21 Code tidying: removal of C combinator
1997-05-20 paulson 1997-05-20 Removal of redundant code (unused or already present in Isabelle. This eliminates HOL compatibility but makes the code smaller and more readable
1997-05-15 paulson 1997-05-15 TFL now integrated with HOL (more work needed)
1996-10-18 paulson 1996-10-18 Konrad Slind's TFL