2004-07-20 paulson 2004-07-20 minor tweaks to go with the new version of the Accountability paper
2004-07-15 paulson 2004-07-15 redefining sumr to be a translation to setsum
2004-05-12 paulson 2004-05-12 simpilified and strengthened proofs
2004-05-11 paulson 2004-05-11 broken no longer includes TTP, and other minor changes
2003-09-26 paulson 2003-09-26 Conversion of all main protocols from "Shared" to "Public". Removal of Key_supply_ax: modifications to possibility theorems. Improved presentation.
2003-08-13 paulson 2003-08-13 possibility proof!
2003-08-12 paulson 2003-08-12 ZhouGollmann: new example (fair non-repudiation protocol)