2010-12-19 huffman 2010-12-19 reintroduce 'bifinite' class, now with existentially-quantified approx function (cf. b525988432e9)
2010-12-19 huffman 2010-12-19 renamed Bifinite.thy to Representable.thy
2010-12-17 huffman 2010-12-17 renamed CompactBasis.thy to Compact_Basis.thy
2010-12-11 huffman 2010-12-11 add HOLCF library theories with cpo/predomain instances for HOL types
2010-11-27 huffman 2010-11-27 moved directory src/HOLCF to src/HOL/HOLCF; added HOLCF theories to src/HOL/IsaMakefile;