4 weeks ago paulson 2019-03-19 new material about topology, etc.; also fixes for yesterday's
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3 months ago immler 2019-01-07 reduced dependencies of Connected.thy
3 months ago immler 2019-01-07 moved material from Connected.thy to more appropriate places
3 months ago immler 2019-01-07 moved material from Connected.thy to more appropriate places
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3 months ago immler 2018-12-29 split off theorems involving classes below metric_space and real_normed_vector
3 months ago immler 2018-12-27 most of Topology_Euclidean_Space (now Elementary_Topology) requires fewer dependencies
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5 months ago haftmann 2018-11-08 removed relics of ASCII syntax for indexed big operators
6 months ago paulson 2018-10-17 new theory Abstract_Topology with lots of stuff from HOL Light's metric.sml
7 months ago paulson 2018-09-21 more on product (function) topologies
7 months ago paulson 2018-09-16 more lemmas
9 months ago nipkow 2018-07-12 more economic tagging
9 months ago immler 2018-07-10 make theorem, corollary, and proposition %important for HOL-Analysis manual
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11 months ago immler 2018-05-15 move FuncSet back to HOL-Library (amending 493b818e8e10)
11 months ago paulson 2018-05-08 tidying more messy proofs
11 months ago immler 2018-05-02 added Johannes' generalizations Modules.thy and Vector_Spaces.thy; adapted HOL and HOL-Analysis accordingly
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12 months ago paulson 2018-04-14 new material about vec, real^1, etc.
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14 months ago immler 2018-02-22 moved theorems from AFP/Affine_Arithmetic and AFP/Ordinary_Differential_Equations
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18 months ago paulson 2017-10-19 Switching to inverse image and constant_on, plus some new material
18 months ago paulson 2017-10-10 Divided Topology_Euclidean_Space in two, creating new theory Connected. Also deleted some duplicate / variant theorems
18 months ago paulson 2017-10-09 Fixed the theorem name "closed_imp_fip_compact"
18 months ago paulson 2017-10-09 new material about connectedness, etc.
19 months ago paulson 2017-09-08 Correction of typos and a bit of streamlining
19 months ago paulson 2017-09-08 Simplicial complexes and triangulations; Baire Category Theorem
20 months ago Manuel Eberl 2017-08-20 More lemmas for HOL-Analysis
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20 months ago paulson 2017-08-13 general rationalisation of Analysis
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21 months ago eberlm 2017-07-18 poles and residues of the Gamma function
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22 months ago paulson 2017-06-21 Tidying up integration theory and some new theorems
22 months ago paulson 2017-06-19 New theorems; stronger theorems; tidier theorems. Also some renaming
22 months ago paulson 2017-06-15 Some new material. SIMPRULE STATUS for sum/ rules!
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