8 months ago haftmann 2018-11-22 removed legacy input syntax
8 months ago haftmann 2018-11-18 removed legacy input syntax
8 months ago wenzelm 2018-11-08 isabelle update_cartouches -t;
10 months ago nipkow 2018-09-24 Prefix form of infix with * on either side no longer needs special treatment because (* and *) are no longer comment brackets in terms.
10 months ago Angeliki KoutsoukouArgyraki 2018-08-28 tagged 21 theories in the Analysis library for the manual
12 months ago paulson 2018-06-28 Incorporating new/strengthened proofs from Library and AFP entries
13 months ago nipkow 2018-06-06 reorient -> split; documented split
14 months ago immler 2018-05-03 fixed HOL-Analysis
14 months ago immler 2018-05-03 merged; resolved conflicts manually (esp. lemmas that have been moved from Linear_Algebra and Cartesian_Euclidean_Space)
14 months ago immler 2018-05-02 added Johannes' generalizations Modules.thy and Vector_Spaces.thy; adapted HOL and HOL-Analysis accordingly
14 months ago paulson 2018-05-02 tidying up and using real induction methods
15 months ago nipkow 2018-04-26 new simp modifier: reorient
15 months ago paulson 2018-04-20 three new theorems
15 months ago paulson 2018-04-18 correction of TeX errors and other oversights
15 months ago paulson 2018-04-18 tidying up including contributions from Paulo Emílio de Vilhena
15 months ago paulson 2018-04-17 Change of variables proof