9 months ago wenzelm 2019-04-07 uniform JVM heap options for Isabelle/Scala tools and scalac (again);
9 months ago wenzelm 2019-04-05 clarified settings: allow for more Java versions;
10 months ago wenzelm 2019-03-21 proper ISABELLE_OCAML_VERSION;
10 months ago wenzelm 2019-03-21 prefer central root: just one copy of this bulky material;
11 months ago wenzelm 2019-02-15 clarified name;
13 months ago wenzelm 2018-12-28 more conservative update of Haskell stack (amending 04e54f57a869): 13.0 still lacks notable packages like "Agda" or "darcs";
13 months ago Lars Hupel 2018-12-27 update LTS Haskell version
13 months ago wenzelm 2018-12-09 clarified settings and defaults;
13 months ago wenzelm 2018-12-06 proper ISABELLE_DOCS_RELEASE_NOTES (amending 39044da8bb5a);
14 months ago wenzelm 2018-11-22 support for fontforge and its scripting language;
14 months ago wenzelm 2018-11-17 more Java 11 illegal-access warnings;
14 months ago wenzelm 2018-11-11 clarified display name;
14 months ago wenzelm 2018-11-10 support for user-defined Isabelle/Scala command-line tools; misc tuning and clarification;
14 months ago wenzelm 2018-11-07 more general support for Isabelle/PIDE file formats -- less hardwired Bibtex operations;
15 months ago wenzelm 2018-10-17 support for GHC via command-line tools;
15 months ago wenzelm 2018-10-17 isabelle_stack as portable shell function;
15 months ago wenzelm 2018-10-08 support for OCaml via command-line tools;
15 months ago wenzelm 2018-10-08 isabelle_opam as portable shell function;
15 months ago wenzelm 2018-10-06 support for jdk-11;
19 months ago wenzelm 2018-06-27 clarified settings -- avoid hard-wired directories; tuned documentation;
20 months ago wenzelm 2018-06-05 full benchmarks, including all conditional theories;
20 months ago wenzelm 2018-05-19 clarified store directories; discontinued settings ISABELLE_PATH, ISABELLE_OUTPUT;
23 months ago wenzelm 2018-03-03 more Java heap, e.g. relevant for hg.graph on Isabelle repository;
23 months ago wenzelm 2018-02-10 more accessible src/Pure/ROOT.ML;
2017-12-10 wenzelm 2017-12-10 more explicit latex errors;
2017-10-23 wenzelm 2017-10-23 updated to jdk-8u152, which is for x86_64 only;
2017-04-21 wenzelm 2017-04-21 more uniform isabelle_scala; more uniform ISABELLE_SCALAC_OPTIONS with heap options;
2017-01-15 wenzelm 2017-01-15 updated to jvm-1.8;
2017-01-15 wenzelm 2017-01-15 clarified settings;
2016-09-14 wenzelm 2016-09-14 discontinued global etc/abbrevs;
2016-08-13 wenzelm 2016-08-13 gnuplot presentation similar to former isatest-statistics;
2016-07-14 wenzelm 2016-07-14 prefer HTTPS;
2016-04-03 wenzelm 2016-04-03 renamed ISABELLE_BUILD_JAVA_OPTIONS to ISABELLE_TOOL_JAVA_OPTIONS;
2016-03-08 wenzelm 2016-03-08 back to external line editor, due to problems of JLine with multithreading of in vs. out;
2016-03-08 wenzelm 2016-03-08 isabelle console is based on Isabelle/Scala;
2016-02-17 wenzelm 2016-02-17 SML/NJ is no longer supported;
2016-01-23 wenzelm 2016-01-23 back to elementary options used in Isabelle2015 for jdk-7 -- none of the intermediate experiments for jdk-8 improved reactivity on particular dual-CPU system, but the problem seems to be absent on common single-CPU systems;
2016-01-02 wenzelm 2016-01-02 eliminated somewhat pointless and obscure options;
2015-12-30 wenzelm 2015-12-30 tuned java options;
2015-12-29 wenzelm 2015-12-29 support additional abbrevs;
2015-11-22 wenzelm 2015-11-22 some GC options that potentially improve reactivity;
2015-10-21 wenzelm 2015-10-21 Isabelle fonts via external component;
2015-10-07 wenzelm 2015-10-07 back to old-fashioned GC, which appears to work better with interactive applications;
2015-09-10 wenzelm 2015-09-10 less ambitious options, to accomodate 4GB systems;
2015-09-08 wenzelm 2015-09-08 clarified Java runtime options (NB: ISABELLE_JAVA_PLATFORM is determined later via component);
2015-09-08 wenzelm 2015-09-08 clarified ISABELLE_BUILD_JAVA_OPTIONS;
2015-08-26 wenzelm 2015-08-26 use fancy options of Java 8;
2015-04-24 wenzelm 2015-04-24 more paranoia settings, e.g. relevant for Ubuntu 15.04;
2015-02-23 wenzelm 2015-02-23 more uniform headless mode for all derivatives of "build" (amending df5dc24ca712);
2014-12-11 wenzelm 2014-12-11 added Par_List in Scala, in accordance to ML version; system property "isabelle.threads" determines size of Scala thread pool, like system option "threads" for ML; avoid ".par" framework with its hard-wired thread pool, which also has problems with cancellation; tuned;
2014-10-09 wenzelm 2014-10-09 prefer Unix standard-conformant $TMPDIR over hard-wired /tmp;
2014-07-01 wenzelm 2014-07-01 more release notes;
2014-06-30 wenzelm 2014-06-30 tuned comments;
2014-06-30 wenzelm 2014-06-30 "isabelle tty" is superseded by "isabelle console";
2014-04-23 wenzelm 2014-04-23 tuned options for scalac;
2014-04-22 wenzelm 2014-04-22 updated to scala-2.11.0 with classpath provided by its etc/settings;
2014-04-22 wenzelm 2014-04-22 no need to copy jars, after regular use of classpath in 793a429c63e7;
2014-04-05 wenzelm 2014-04-05 proper settings instead of hard-wired information;
2014-01-06 wenzelm 2014-01-06 misc tuning and clarification;
2014-01-06 wenzelm 2014-01-06 tuned comments;