2013-01-12 wenzelm 2013-01-12 more uniform theory progress in build -v and build_dialog;
2013-01-12 wenzelm 2013-01-12 immediate theory progress for build_dialog; more formal Bash_Result -- accumulate output as lines;
2013-01-08 wenzelm 2013-01-08 include timing properties in log; general Properties.parse operations; tuned signature;
2013-01-04 wenzelm 2013-01-04 prefer old graph browser in Isabelle/jEdit, which still produces better layout; clarified print mode "active_graph": allow to switch "browser" vs. "graphview" uniformly; tuned signature;
2013-01-04 wenzelm 2013-01-04 tuned message -- suppress inlined system information;
2013-01-03 wenzelm 2013-01-03 maintain session index on Scala side, for more determistic results; removed unused HTML operations;
2013-01-02 wenzelm 2013-01-02 moved files;