2014-02-14 blanchet 2014-02-14 allow different functions to recurse on the same type, like in the old package
2014-02-12 blanchet 2014-02-12 iteration n in the 'default' vs. 'update_new' vs. 'update' saga -- 'update' makes sense now that we honor the canonical order on 'merge' (as opposed to raising 'DUP')
2014-02-12 blanchet 2014-02-12 more liberal merging of BNFs and constructor sugar * * * make sure that the cache doesn't produce 'DUP's
2014-02-07 blanchet 2014-02-07 reverted a87e49f4336d -- overwriting of data entries yields to merge problems later
2014-02-06 blanchet 2014-02-06 allow multiple registration of the same type, the last wins
2014-01-31 traytel 2014-01-31 less hermetic tactics
2014-01-20 blanchet 2014-01-20 adjusted comments
2014-01-20 blanchet 2014-01-20 avoid nested 'Tools' directories