2006-11-08 wenzelm 2006-11-08 moved theories Parity, GCD, Binomial to Library;
2006-08-03 ballarin 2006-08-03 Restructured algebra library, added ideals and quotient rings.
2004-05-14 ballarin 2004-05-14 Change of theory hierarchy: Group is now based in Lattice.
2004-04-13 ballarin 2004-04-13 Various changes to HOL-Algebra; Locale instantiation.
2003-05-02 ballarin 2003-05-02 HOL-Algebra complete for release Isabelle2003 (modulo section headers).
2003-05-01 paulson 2003-05-01 moving Bij.thy from GroupTheory to Algebra
2003-04-30 ballarin 2003-04-30 HOL-Algebra: New polynomial development added.
2003-04-30 ballarin 2003-04-30 Greatly extended CRing. Added Module.
2003-03-18 paulson 2003-03-18 moved Exponent, Coset, Sylow from GroupTheory to Algebra, converting them to the new Group setup. Deleted Ring, Module from GroupTheory Minor UNITY changes
2000-05-30 wenzelm 2000-05-30 cleaned up;
1999-11-11 wenzelm 1999-11-11 with_path;
1999-11-05 paulson 1999-11-05 Algebra and Polynomial theories, by Clemens Ballarin