2009-08-28 wenzelm 2009-08-28 PDF_VIEWER: more Unix-ish behaviour on Mac OS;
2009-08-22 wenzelm 2009-08-22 removed jedit setup -- now a self-contained component (external);
2009-08-06 wenzelm 2009-08-06 misc changes to SOS by Philipp Meyer: CSDP_EXE as central setting; separate component src/HOL/Library/Sum_Of_Squares; misc tuning and rearrangement of neos_csdp_client; more robust treatment of shell paths; debugging depends on local flag; removed unused parts;
2009-08-04 wenzelm 2009-08-04 basic support for components (which imitate the usual Isabelle directory layout);
2009-07-30 wenzelm 2009-07-30 ISABELLE_USEDIR_OPTIONS: -q 2 by default;
2009-07-19 wenzelm 2009-07-19 parallel_proofs: more fine-grained control with optional parallel checking of nested Isar proofs;
2009-07-03 wenzelm 2009-07-03 SCALA_HOME: proper line escapes for choosefrom;
2009-07-03 wenzelm 2009-07-03 observe SCALA_HOME, if available; no default classpath for scala-library.jar;
2009-06-14 wenzelm 2009-06-14 back to default -M max, with more robust interpretation of corresponding max_threads value;
2009-06-04 wenzelm 2009-06-04 example settings for Poly/ML 5.3 (experimental);
2009-06-04 wenzelm 2009-06-04 retrieve ML source files;
2009-06-04 wenzelm 2009-06-04 uniform default settings for E, Vampire, SPASS;
2009-05-31 wenzelm 2009-05-31 updated example settings;
2009-05-31 wenzelm 2009-05-31 discontinued support for Poly/ML 4.x versions;
2009-04-14 wenzelm 2009-04-14 ISABELLE_USEDIR_OPTIONS: less ambitious -M1 by default -- multithreading is largely untested on fringe platforms (cygwin, solaris);
2009-03-31 wenzelm 2009-03-31 suggest HOL_USEDIR_OPTIONS="-p 2 -Q false", which is more likely to work within the limits of 32 bit address space;
2009-03-05 blanchet 2009-03-05 Reintroduced previous changes: Made "Refute.norm_rhs" public and simplified the configuration of the BerkMin and zChaff SAT solvers.
2009-03-04 blanchet 2009-03-04 Merge.
2009-03-04 blanchet 2009-03-04 Merge.
2009-02-24 blanchet 2009-02-24 Eliminated ZCHAFF_VERSION configuration variable, since zChaff's output format is identical in all versions since March 2003 (at least), and also because it forces users who want to use the latest versions to lie about the version number. I also made the BERKMIN_EXE variable optional, defaulting to BerkMin561 (a reasonable name with no platform encoded in it). These changes have no inpacts on already working Isabelle installations.
2009-03-01 wenzelm 2009-03-01 discontinued experimental support for Alice -- too hard to maintain its many language incompatibilities, never really worked anyway;
2009-01-21 immler 2009-01-21 removed vampire-wrapper (remote-script covers that)
2008-12-22 wenzelm 2008-12-22 more sophisticated MacOS interface script (mostly for Carbon Emacs); no longer include MacPorts path; simplified default PROOFGENERAL_OPTIONS, removed PROOFGENERAL_EMACS;
2008-12-20 wenzelm 2008-12-20 removed Ids;
2008-12-11 wenzelm 2008-12-11 ISABELLE_USEDIR_OPTIONS: -M max is default;
2008-12-05 wenzelm 2008-12-05 uniform treatment of ISABELLE_HOME/contrib vs. ISABELLE_HOME/..;
2008-11-30 wenzelm 2008-11-30 removed obsolete isabelle-interface executable and ISABELLE_INTERFACE setting;
2008-11-30 wenzelm 2008-11-30 default for ISABELLE_HOME_USER is now ~/.isabelle instead of ~/isabelle;
2008-10-21 wenzelm 2008-10-21 less ambitious default for JEDIT_JAVA_OPTIONS;
2008-10-21 wenzelm 2008-10-21 JEDIT_OPTIONS: moved -settings to interface script (more robust);
2008-10-21 wenzelm 2008-10-21 make JEDIT_JAVA_OPTIONS and JEDIT_OPTIONS actually work;
2008-10-21 wenzelm 2008-10-21 added jEdit settings;
2008-10-04 wenzelm 2008-10-04 simplified main Isabelle executables: removed Isabelle and isabelle (replaced by isabelle-process), renamed isatool to isabelle;
2008-10-03 wenzelm 2008-10-03 Vampire wrapper script for remote SystemOnTPTP service (by Fabian Immler);
2008-10-03 wenzelm 2008-10-03 added PROOFGENERAL_EMACS, with attempt to find Carbon Emacs;
2008-09-16 wenzelm 2008-09-16 added PROOFGENERAL_HOME;
2008-08-16 wenzelm 2008-08-16 add scala-library.jar if available;
2008-08-16 wenzelm 2008-08-16 added ISABELLE_SCALA, ISABELLE_JAVA;
2008-08-15 wenzelm 2008-08-15 added JVM components (Scala or Java);
2008-06-14 wenzelm 2008-06-14 removed experimental Poplog/PML support;
2008-05-15 wenzelm 2008-05-15 removed obsolete thumbpdf;
2008-03-06 wenzelm 2008-03-06 removed obsolete THIS_IS_ISABELLE_BUILD feature; moved external provers further up; no HOL4_PROOFS by default;
2008-03-05 wenzelm 2008-03-05 ISABELLE_LINE_EDITOR: prefer rlwrap, which passes interrupts properly;
2008-01-25 wenzelm 2008-01-25 * Default settings: PROOFGENERAL_OPTIONS no longer impose xemacs here;
2007-12-14 wenzelm 2007-12-14 added ISABELLE_LINE_EDITOR; tuned;
2007-11-28 wenzelm 2007-11-28 polyml: default heap size is back to -H 200 (people are still using machines with < 1GB of memory; no need to workaround heap problems of polyml-5.0 anymore);
2007-11-08 wenzelm 2007-11-08 tuned comments;
2007-10-20 wenzelm 2007-10-20 tuned;
2007-09-17 haftmann 2007-09-17 platform-sensitive default location for ATP provers
2007-09-06 paulson 2007-09-06 Auto-config of E_HOME, SPASS_HOME, VAMPIRE_HOME
2007-08-29 wenzelm 2007-08-29 renamed POLYML_LINK_OPTIONS to POLY_LINK_OPTIONS;
2007-08-29 wenzelm 2007-08-29 added POLYML_LINK_OPTIONS, which is required for unusual platforms (notably cygwin);
2007-08-27 wenzelm 2007-08-27 HOL_USEDIR_OPTIONS: no special -M setting (now works with multithreaded);
2007-08-10 wenzelm 2007-08-10 HOL_USEDIR_OPTIONS: default to -M 1 (more robust);
2007-08-10 wenzelm 2007-08-10 added jEdit mode spec; tuned comments;
2007-07-23 kleing 2007-07-23 increase default max heap size for poly to -H 500 (this is what isatest uses, -H 80 is not enough for HOL on at-mac-poly).
2007-07-17 wenzelm 2007-07-17 added ISABELLE_FILE_IDENT (command line for source file identification);
2007-05-30 wenzelm 2007-05-30 tuned USEDIR_OPTIONS; PDF_VIEWER: try to be smart for MacOS (Darwin);
2007-01-21 wenzelm 2007-01-21 tuned comments
2006-12-13 wenzelm 2006-12-13 tuned comments;