2005-06-17 haftmann 2005-06-17 migrated theory headers to new format
2003-08-15 paulson 2003-08-15 A document for UNITY
2003-02-08 paulson 2003-02-08 converting HOL/UNITY to use unconditional fairness
2003-02-04 paulson 2003-02-04 some x-symbols
2003-01-31 paulson 2003-01-31 conversion to new-style theories and tidying
2003-01-24 paulson 2003-01-24 More conversion of UNITY to Isar new-style theories
2000-02-18 paulson 2000-02-18 New treatment of "guarantees" with polymorphic components and bijections. Works EXCEPT FOR Alloc.
1999-08-06 paulson 1999-08-06 re-organization of theorems from Alloc and PPROD, partly into new theory Lift_prog
1999-06-23 paulson 1999-06-23 renamed PPI to plam simplified the definition of lift_act
1999-06-17 paulson 1999-06-17 addition of drop_... operators with new results and simplification of old ones
1999-03-01 paulson 1999-03-01 removed the infernal States, eqStates, compatible, etc.
1998-12-07 paulson 1998-12-07 towards handling sharing of variables
1998-12-03 paulson 1998-12-03 Addition of the States component; parts of Comp not working
1998-11-25 paulson 1998-11-25 guarantees laws
1998-11-16 paulson 1998-11-16 new theory PPROD