1997-05-20 paulson 1997-05-20 Basis library version of type "option" now resides in its own structure Option
1997-04-24 wenzelm 1997-04-24 open General (type option is in Option in the newer versions, but always the top-level);
1997-04-03 paulson 1997-04-03 More List and ListPair utilities
1997-04-02 paulson 1997-04-02 Now declares Basis Library version of type option Also function mapPartial
1997-01-03 paulson 1997-01-03 A definition of "print", unfortunately overridden by each "open PolyML"
1996-12-16 wenzelm 1996-12-16 fixed comments;
1996-11-28 paulson 1996-11-28 Addition of structures List and ListPair
1996-11-26 paulson 1996-11-26 Structure Bool and value Int.toString needed to replace makestring calls
1996-11-22 paulson 1996-11-22 Basis library emulation for old ML compilers